Top 8 Gluten Free Protein Bars

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a family of proteins found in grains like wheat, rye, barley. However, most people tolerate gluten just fine and don’t have any problems with it.

But there are some people whose health conditions don’t give the opportunity to enjoy gluten. So instead of eating normal food or supplements like protein bars, that group of people must eat gluten-free protein bars.

In the world of bodybuilding, professionals and even amateurs consume protein bars. There are different types of protein bars but in today’s post, you will find the best gluten-free protein bars.

MusclePharm Combat Crunch

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Very well known MusclePharm’s Combat Crunch protein bars are gluten free and they’re multi-layered and baked. They have 20 grams of protein. Also, it is considered to be a low sugar protein bar. Combat Crunch Bars follow the standard gluten-free < 20 ppm gluten.

It’s a very popular and a well-known protein bar to the professional but also to the amateur sportsman.

It has a lot of flavors. For example chocolate peanut butter cup, chocolate cake, cinnamon twist, birthday cake, S’Mores natural flavors, and many others. MusclePharm really thinks out of the box and has a really great and a wide choice of flavors so everyone can find something for their belly.

Also on Amazon, you have the option to subscribe to MusclePharm where you get to save up from 5% to 15% on the box of protein bars – which is an ideal option. Once you find your favorite flavor, you get to save money on your every next purchase.

But what’s great is that this protein bar is great in protein, even though it’s gluten-free. Also, the Combat Crunch Protein Bar is the three-time recipient of the Protein Bar of the Year.

It is banned-substance tested and certified by informed choice which makes it safe for everyone. It really helps because athletes who see Informed-Choice logo on the product will definitely try it and enjoy it worry-free. In my opinion, while eating MusclePharm’s Gluten-Free protein bar you really get the satisfaction you would expect out of every single protein bar you try.

Pure Protein Bars

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Pure Protein bars are protein-rich protein bars which contain 20 grams of protein in each bar. But it also has only 3 grams of sugar so that makes it low-sugar protein bar too. It’s a great combination of enough protein and yet a gluten-free ingredients.

Pure Protein Birthday Cake flavor offers 200 calories per one protein bar which is decent and it helps fuel your body so you can keep doing your tasks if you are at work and don’t have enough time to grab lunch.

Since these bars are very compact, you can always grab a Pure Protein bar anytime and anywhere. Also if you are a bodybuilder you can use PureProtein Bar before training or after training since it offers plenty of energy to help you throughout your training.

You can find PureProtein bars at Amazon which is, in my opinion, always cheaper if you are ordering it as a packet of protein bars instead of single bars.

This Pure Protein Bar features the combination of high-quality protein and great delicious taste.

Pure protein provides to you quality and balanced nutrition balanced on diet.

It’s important for supporting lean muscle and an active lifestyle. When you find time for bodybuilding and you are into it, it’s important thing how you fuel your body.

What to choose for extra energy and recovery of your muscles as well. Well, I recommend Pure Protein bars as your choice for an energy boost.

Daryl’s Protein Bars

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If you are looking for a gluten-free protein bar, Daryl’s Protein Bar is one of the best choices that you can make.

This protein bar has 22 grams of protein, but it has only 4 grams of sugar and it’s 100% natural. It’s a protein bar that is made from all natural ingredients including 4 superfoods. These superfoods deliver a level of nourishment well beyond anything offered by traditional protein bars.

The main ingredient is salted peanut which gives a great taste for peanut lovers. Another ingredient that really brings taste to this gluten-free protein bar is a caramel dressing.

Other two ingredients are Chia seeds and Quinoa flakes which are very healthy. What’s also great is that this protein bar has no preservatives, additives and artificial flavors or colors.

I really liked how it comes in the box of 12 protein bars which offers a great value for the price it costs.

When you compare Daryl’s protein bars to other bars for the price, you’ll find that Daryl’s protein bars are a bit expensive but you can be assured they’re totally worth it.

Daryl’s protein bars can be used as a meal replacement too. Once you try their Performance Line protein bars, you’ll agree that they are the heartiest, healthiest, tastiest and the most satisfying protein bars available on the market.

WW Chocolate Protein Bars

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If you love chocolate, this protein bar is ideal for you.

WW Chocolate protein bars offer you 7 grams of protein. At first, 7 grams of protein might not be enough for everyone. But this 7 grams really help fuel your body with energy.

These protein bars are made only with natural ingredients such as soy, milk, coconut, eggs and tree nuts.

There are 3 flavors of WW protein bars which are Chocolate protein stix, Chocolate peanut butter baked and triple chocolate baked. My favorite is a triple chocolate baked protein bar because it combines 3 types of chocolate and it has a chocolate dressing.

Another great thing about these protein bars is that there is no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives so it’s as healthy as it can be.

You can find all three flavors on Amzon and another cool thing is that you can order “WW Chocolate Lovers Protein Variety Pack” which is pack with all 3 flavors in one. You can also choose how much protein bars you want in your pack (6, 12, 18, 24).

Chocolate Lovers variety pack presents something that can satisfy my sweet tooth but can also be a great present for the loved ones.

Also, you can use WW Chocolate Protein Bars for pre-workout, post-workout and even as a late night dessert. So if you love chocolate WW Chocolate Protein Bars are made for you.

Rowdy Bar Protein Bar

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Gluten-Free protein bar called “Rowdy Bar Protein Bar” offers you low net and carb high fiber, egg white protein. Most important, it’s gluten-free.

Flavors of this protein bar are Bluebery and almond tart, Chocolate Coconut Cashew, Peanutty Dark Chocolate, and Sunflower Butter N’ berries.

My favorite is Peanutty Dark Chocolate because of the structure that is really crisp with a full aroma of dark chocolate and a really great share of peanut.

Mentioned protein bar in its composition has only 9 grams of protein and but also is low in sugar – containing only 3 grams of sugar. But there are 2 flavors that have more protein, so you have to pay attention.

Peanut Dark Chocolate has 11 grams of protein, and Sunflower Butter N’ Berries has 10 grams of protein. This is not a protein bomb like some other protein bars I’ve tried and reviewed in the past, but it’s gluten-free. Nevertheless, these protein bars can also give fuel to your body and keep you on point, and you can eat a few more than you usually would.

Rowdy’s Protein Bar can be used for pre-workout, post-workout and for late-night dessert because it has a low share of sugar and doesn’t contain a lot of calories. It’s also very easy to digest.

In a box, you get 12 delicious protein bars that will surely enjoy a number of flavors in every bite.

MET-Colossal Rx Protein Bars

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MET-Colossal Colossal Protein bar is meal replacement bars that provide on-the-go nutrition.

Anytime, in the day or night, if you need help to fuel your body you know that Colossal Protein bar won’t let you down.

This protein bar is a real protein bomb if we can call it that. MET-S Colossal has 32 grams of protein in its composition. Another great thing about this protein bar that is Gluten-Free and consists of 17 vitamins and minerals. It has no artificial colors or flavors which makes it one of the healthiest protein bars you can have.

Each MET-Rx Colossal Protein Bar contains vitamins and minerals that support overall wellness. With great effect when it comes to healing your muscles and fueling your body, this is a really important aspect of everyone’s body.

A naturally flavored protein bar that provides delicious flavor-filled with aromas. It’s a mix of fast and slow acting protein that gives you the edge you need to support lean muscle.

MET-Rx Colossal Protein Bars prepare athletes to dominate on next level. MET-Rx knows that hard work is not enough. Complete domination requires seeking out innovative means to hone one’s body.

Mentioned protein bar you can be found on Amazon. It comes in the box of 9 MET-Rx 100 Colossal Protein Bars and with grade texture and 2 layers of chocolate, this protein bar is ideal for you and your needs.

BodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bar

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Made in Great Britain, with certified Organic by Soil Association. BodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bar is one of the best rated and most sold vegan protein bars. Made from completely organic ingredients.

When I say best rated the awards of this BodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bar could assure you in that.

Here are some awards that this bar has won so far: Awarded Highly Commended at the Good Choice Quality Food Awards 2016, Silver at the Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2016 and Finalist for Best New Organic Food Product at the Natural and Organic Product Awards 2016. Vegan Society and Soil Association certified. BodyMe’s 10% of profits is donated to charity keeping profit and everything in ethical all the way.

Main ingredients are Organic cashews, organic coconut nectar, organic dates, organic chia seeds, organic coconut oil, and much more organic ingredients. It includes 3 best plant-based proteins. Only clean and healthy ingredients combined together provide 16 grams of protein in this bar.

The flavors of this vegan protein bar are Cacao Orange, Cacao Mint, Chia Vanilla, Maca Cinnamon and Beetroot Berry. My favorite is Cacao Orange. When you eat BodyMe organic Vegan Protein Bars you can feel and enjoy in every bite you take.

It helps you to fuel your ethical warrior and fuel you and keep your fueled energy last longer than in other protein bars because of plant proteins.

Keto Bar

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Last on the list of Gluten-Free protein bars comes Keto Bar. If it’s last on list doesn’t mean that it’s not good. Keto bar is made with no added sugar and it provides you 11 grams of protein.

Keto bar or also called Keto Snack. After a year of developing the formula for a great-tasting, keto-friendly snack with ingredients you can trust.

Keto, unlike other protein bars, is made from combining real food ingredients in a delicious blend that fuel you for work, play, workout, or whatever you need fuel for. This protein bar is Free of Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and Peanuts.

Protein that you can find in this protein bar is 100% grass-fed collagen protein. It will also help you with hair, skin and nail health. It’s formulated to reduce blood sugar impact. Even though the bar tastes like a chocolate bar.

No additives, perfect Keto Bars have no fillers, additives or chemicals. Most keto snacks are not allergy-friendly. These Gluten-Free protein bars are packed in a box that brings you 12 or 36 Keto Bars.

Keto bars have developed 3 different flavors which you can choose for your next protein bar. Almond butter brownie, Chop chip cookie dough, and lemon poppyseed.

Reading other reviews Vegans really love this protein bar and it’s their favorite. I wish you luck with ordering and enjoying Keto Gluten-Free Bar.


We have seen a lot of different protein bars, but in this post, you can find only the best gluten-free bars.

If you are active sportsman or not even working out yet, you can surely enjoy this delicious protein bars that are available and really not that expensive. If you have no time to lunch or just need the energy to boost these protein bars that are mentioned can help you with your problem.

Almost all of these protein bars ingredients are completely natural and that is a very important thing for someone who doesn’t want to put junk food into their body.

In today’s article, we have seen pretty much all kinds of Gluten-Free protein bars. From standard to vegan ones.

I wish you good luck with trying and discovering new types of protein bars that are Gluten-Free and available on the one hand suitable for you too.

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