The Best Protein Bars for Women in 2021

Are you looking to find the best protein bars? Yes, you've heard it right. There are protein bars that are suitable for women. Find out which ones will have a better effect on you, rather than standard protein bars.

Choosing between many different protein bars can be tough. Especially if you don’t know much about protein bars. That’s why in this post, you can find the best protein bars for women, so you never need to waste time thinking whether you made the right choice.

It’s never supposed to be like that. Wouldn’t it be easy if you knew more about each protein bar before the purchase?

What about if someone reviewed it? It would be extremely easy to choose the right protein bar for yourself.

That’s why I review each protein bar on the market, categorize them, and list them in my posts – so you can have an easier choice.

Best Protein Bars for Women

While any protein bar can be eaten by both genders, there are still some protein bars that might be more suitable for women.

The main reason for that is the ingredients. Level of testosterone differs in genders, and that’s why some protein bars might be a better choice for women. While men can eat any protein bar without having to think twice.

NLA For Her – Whey Lean Protein Bar

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NLA For Her is an ultimate lean protein bar for women. It’s a blend of only top quality ingredients such as whey concentrate and hydrolysate.

One bar contains 20g of protein. Therefore, each protein bar has approximately 190 calories, 23 grams of carbohydrates, and 6 grams of fiber which is dietary.

Therefore, NLA bars are a great source of carbs, fiber, protein, and even additional calories. I should also mention that NLA protein bars are gluten-free.

NLA For Her protein bar is specially formulated for women. They promote better lean muscle growth, support muscle recovery, and supplementing women with a necessary source of whey protein. They’re perfect high-intensity training.

Taste is one of the best features. They’re very delicious, that you will feel like you are cheating. You can think of NLA protein bars as a candy in disguise.


  • Ultimate lean protein bar
  • Specially formulated for women
  • Amazing taste with no sugar, fat, and oils
  • Great for pre and post work out sessions
  • Great addition to any diet
  • Offers huge difference than other protein bars


  • They contain sugar alcohols

FitMiss Delight Protein Bar

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FitMiss Delight Protein Bars are specially made for busy women who don’t have a lot of time to satisfy their hunger. It’s a great food addition to any lifestyle.

They’re made from clean and mouthwatering formula and ingredients. They’re deliciously baked to meet every women’s taste.

It’s worth to mention that FitMiss Delight Protein Bars are gluten-free, soy-free, sucralose-free, and even non-GMO. There are also no artificial colors either.

Per each FitMiss Delight Protein Bar, you will get pure 15 grams of protein. 1 protein bar has only 170 calories.

FitMiss is a brand that is designed and created to support and educate women to take the control of their health. By taking even the simplest actions in your life, health results will follow.

Therefore, Delight Protein Bars will support your lifestyle and improve your health at the same time.


  • The active formula for women
  • Great taste
  • Only 170 calories
  • Free of gluten, GMO, and sucralose
  • Pure 15 g of protein
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle


  • Can be too sweet for some people

Empact Bars Chocolate Cherry Protein Bar

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If you’re looking for a real protein food, Empact protein bar is the right thing to eat. You will even forget that you’re eating a protein bar.

It’s 100% natural, including ingredients such as golden fax, sorghum crisps, and chia seeds. Empact Bars have no gluten and soy. However, they’re high in fiber and low in sugar and glycemic.

One Empact Bars protein bar has 10 g, which consist of 7 g of fiber, 7 g of proteins, and only 5 g of sugar. Therefore, one Empact Bars protein bar has 160 calories.

It’s definitely a great meal addition which has no sweeteners, no added sugar, no artificial, and no any other fluff added.

Since it’s a very small protein bar, it will fit in any of your pockets. Usability range is really huge. You can use it before the gym, at work, in a car, on long trips. Anywhere, and for any reason you want.

You will never leave a half-eaten protein bar in your life ever again because Empact Bars are perfectly sized for one use.

If you empower women, buy Empact. That’s the motto of the company which provides perfect go-to protein snacks for women.


  • Great before and after workouts
  • Perfect size
  • Suitable for any lifestyle
  • Includes high-quality protein
  • Consists no added sugar, and other fluff
  • Great guilt-free flavor


  • The texture of the protein bars might not be the best

WonderSlim Low-Carb Protein Bars

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If you’re a woman who’s paying attention to your body, you’ll definitely enjoy WonderSlim protein bars. They’re perfect for women who are working out or trying to lose weight to stay fit. There are two reasons for that.

You will get a great guilt-free delicious snack, and you will still benefit from low-carb and high protein.

With WonderSlim protein bars, you will be able to stay fuller during the day, preventing you from eating more than 3 meals a day.

You will still feel more energized throughout the day.

There are 6 deliciously tasting flavors you can choose from, and I am sure that they will become your favorite guilt-free snack.

WonderSlim protein bars have low-carb ingredients which promote weight loss programs and diets. There are no unnecessary calories, no sugar, and no carbs.

Dieting isn’t supposed to be hard on you. With WonderSlim, you will even forget that you’re on a diet. At the same time, you will be feeling better too. Every box of WonderSlim protein bars you purchase, WonderSlim will donate 2 meals to people in need through Feeding America organization.


  • High in proteins, low in carbs
  • Only 160 calories
  • High in fiber
  • Free of trans fat
  • Suitable for weight management
  • Great for healthy diets
  • Reasonable and affordable price


  • Can have a funny aftertaste

Tone it Up Protein Bars

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Trying to stay fit can be hard. Especially when you’re trying out different diet plans.

Even if you aren’t on a weight loss plan, you still need a great amount of protein to stay fit or to build muscles.

Tone it Up is protein bars which are based on plant-based ingredients. Therefore, there are no ingredients which aren’t natural.

Per each Tone it Up protein bar, you will get 10 g of proteins, which is a great amount for only one bar. It’s also worth to mention that one protein bar has only 160 calories.

You should definitely keep in mind that Tone it Up protein bars are non-GMO and gluten-free.

Basically, Tone it Up protein bars are made from women for women. You will feel the extra energy throughout your day, which gives you a better opportunity to do something you didn’t do in a long time. Without getting tired too fast!

With Tone it Up protein bars, you can gain lean physics and have a healthier life. The best thing is that you can take these protein bars on a go. No matter how busy you are, they’ll always be there for you.


  • Provide a great amount of protein
  • Promote healthy lifestyle
  • Great for lean physics
  • Only 160 calories per bar
  • Produced only from plant ingredients
  • Made for women by women


  • Price is a bit cheaper at local stores

BariWise Crispy Protein Bar

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Staying healthy and fit, yet being able to crispy tasteful treats almost seems impossible. However, with BariWise and their crispy protein bars, you will learn that you can still get tasty treats.

BariWise crispy protein bars are delicious chunky chocolate mint snack bars. They consist of 15 grams of protein per one bar. It will keep you fuller and energized until the end of your day.

These delicious protein bars are a healthy addition to any diet plan. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Of course, in between the meals as well.

They’re great for taking them on a go and even suitable for a pre and post workout snack.

You get to have a guilt-free crunchy and tasty snack every day.

There are also 11 other flavors to choose from, and all of them are as healthy as they could be. There are no additional sugar, and sweeteners.

If you’re trying to lose weight, look no further. BariWise protein bars are great for weight loss.


  • Suitable for any lifestyle
  • Very delicious flavors
  • Can be eaten any time of a day
  • 15 g of protein per bar
  • Very reasonable price


  • Tastes more like granola which is something that can be disappointing for some people

SoLo Gi Energy Protein Bar

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If you aren’t in any type of fitness or weight loss program, you might still want to have the extra energy. Protein bars are great for energy, which can help you push through the busiest day.

SoLo Gi Energy protein bars are suitable for all types of sports. They’re widely used all around the world by both amateurs and professionals in all leagues.

These protein bars are made only from 100% natural ingredients. They don’t include any sugar alcohols, sweeteners, fats, and oils.

These protein bars are keeping all unhealthy ingredients at the minimum, letting the natural ingredients do the job. Therefore, SoLo Gi Energy protein bars are minimally processed. They’re even Kosher approved.

The formula of SoLo Gi Energy protein bars consists of slow-release carbs that give you a long-term energy and endurance.

It’s an excellent source of protein too. It consists 24 vitamins and minerals as well which are good for your body along the protein. Even includes antioxidants which are very useful for muscles recovery.

They’re best used prior activities. Especially the ones that use the most of your energy.


  • Offer sustained energy and feeling of being satisfied longer
  • Suitable for everyone and everyday
  • Low-glycemic
  • Chocolate coated delicious taste
  • Perfect for all types of sports, including gym
  • Affordable price


  • The bars are maybe too small for some women

Luna Nutrition Protein Bars

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If you’re looking for a healthy addition to your already healthy breakfast, Luna Nutrition protein bars would be the right choice.

However, they can also be used through the day, anytime you want. Luna Nutrition protein bars are made from all natural ingredients including the blueberry yogurt taste. That’s why it’s very suitable for the mornings.

No matter how busy you are, you shouldn’t be skipping the first meal of the day. However, if you do – Luna Nutrition protein bars can keep you healthy, and keep your tummy satisfied until lunch.

While Luna Nutrition protein bars are a great source of protein, they’re also a great source of Omega 3. These bars are also high in fiber, vitamin D, and calcium.

Since they’re made from 100% natural ingredients, they’re even Kosher approved. The main ingredients of Luna Nutrition protein bars are soy, organic oats, amaranth, and dried blueberries.

You will never find hydrogenated oils, wheat, dairy, and trans fat in the Luna Nutrition protein bars. The portion of the price you pay for Luna Nutrition protein bars is donated to the Breast Cancer Fund. You won’t be doing the good thing only for yourself.

70% of ingredients are organic, and they’re packed and produced by women for women right at the Clif bar.


  • Great source of proteins, Omega 3, and vitamins
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Consist no fat, oil, dairy, and wheat
  • Suitable for women
  • Great taste of yogurt and blueberry


  • The price might not be the best choice for some people


Choosing the best protein bars can be tough, however with this list of the best protein bars for women – you’ll have an easy time choosing.

I can’t tell which protein bar from the list is my favorite because all of them taste so delicious.

You won’t be wrong by choosing any of them. They’re suitable for all lifestyles, and great for use any time of a day.

Are weight loss and staying fit your priorities? There’s no better way to get more protein in your meals.

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