Nut Free Protein Bars For Kids

It can be a hard time finding protein bar for kids that have no nuts, right? Not anymore. Here is a list of nut-free protein bars that are suitable for kids, and even infants. Reviewed, paying attention to the smallest details. Your kids should get only the best!

Nutrition bars are becoming an important routine; therefore, numerous bars are available in the market.

These are convenient to give as a quick meal to your children. You can get a well-balanced snack for your children. Each bar is packed with 2.5 grams of fiber vitamin and minerals.

Protein bars with nuts may not be good for the health of some children so parents prefer nut free protein bars for kids. You can’t give ordinary protein bars to your children because these will be low in dietary fiber and high in sugar.

Granola can be a good choice for children to offer quick energy. It can be difficult for you to choose the best snack for your children. Before choosing a protein bar for your children, you have to carefully read the ingredients and nutritional value of protein bars. To decrease your confusion, we have a list of nut free protein bars for kids. These can be an excellent choice for your children.

Best Nut Free Protein Bars for Kids

See the following nut free bars loaded with protein and choose one of them for your child.

Clif ZBar for Kids without Nuts

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CLIF Zbar can be an organic choice for kids with the energy of whole grains. The blend of delicious bars is loaded with fat, protein, fiber and carbohydrates. With these bars, you can easily give energy to your kids.

These protein bars are free from artificial flavors and corn syrup. Kids always need healthy food and you can choose Clif ZBar for your children. Recipe of CLIF is enough to increase the confidence of parents on these protein bars.

With kid-friendly flavors, these are made from organic and nutritious ingredients to keep them exploring and growing. These will help your children to play and study without any problem. Life of your children is busy; therefore, they will need something special. Each ZBar is really satisfying for children because of low-fat, low-sugar and lack of artificial flavors.

Each bar is loaded with 12 essential minerals, vitamins and fiber. Each bar is enough to satisfy the nutritional needs of your children.

Organic bars are free from hydrogenated oils, no corn syrup with high fructose. It can be an energetic choice for your children.


  • Yummy flavor of chocolate
  • Chewy and organic bars with whole grains for fiber
  • Non-GMO and organic bars
  • Free from high fructose
  • Zero artificial flavors and preservatives
  • Good to nourish your child with fat, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates
  • Has soy


  • Can be more crumbly



Don’t Go Nuts, Protein Bars without Nuts and with Granola

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While choosing a protein bar for your child, you can choose don’t Go protein bars. These are full of energy and nutrients. You can choose them for adults and children without any trouble.

They are specialized in creating nuts free from peanuts, gluten and tree nuts. These are made of non-GMO and organic ingredients. These are safe for school going children featuring kosher-dairy, gluten free, nut free and yummy flavors.

They use nut-free tools to process all nut-free ingredients. With their special storage, they avoid the chances of cross-contamination. A safe, yummy, chewy and soft version of granola bars give special flavors of chocolate chip.

These nutritious and delicious protein bars are excellent for everyone. If you want to avoid the risk of choking, you should prefer these bars for your children.

The protein bars have organic rice syrup, organic oats, sweet chocolates, organic sugar, brown rice, and other organic flavors. You can give these bars to your children for lunch to give them instant energy.

You can secure your children nut allergies and keep them energetic for sports, school activities and study.


  • Delicious, chewy and soft bars
  • Free from nut allergies
  • Non-GMO, organic and Gluten Free
  • Good for Peanut allergies
  • Perfect for schools and travels


  • Can be too sweet for some children


That’s It Bar Apple to Offer Energy to Children

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These real fruit bars are 100% natural and offer a great taste to tempt your children. That’s It Bar uses non-GMO and natural fruit to keep them organic and healthy. Fruit bars are free from nuts, fat, soy and pesticides.

Each protein bar is free from gluten and friendly for diabetes. These are equally good for children and adults to align with all diets, such as Raw, Low GI, Whole 30, Kosher, Paleo, and Vegan.

It will be a healthy snack to satisfy the regular fruit intake of your children. Put these bars in the lunchbox of your child or put in our gym bag. The protein bars contain vitamins A, C, fiber 4G and 100 calories only.

The nut free protein bars become a great alternative to fruit strips, granola, juice, snack and fruit bits. It will be fun to try them all without worrying about peeling and cutting fruits.


  • A tasty fruity bar made of pears and apples
  • Pears offer B-complex vitamins and Vitamin C
  • Good for energy and immunity
  • 3g of dietary fiber and zero fat
  • Vegan, gluten-free without preservatives
  • All natural, kosher and raw


  • Can be dry

LUNA Bar without Gluten

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Luna bars can be one of the best nut free protein bars for kids. These can keep your children nourished throughout a busy day. These gluten-free bars can be an excellent choice for children to give them between meals.

LUNA bars offer a perfect balance of nutrition and taste. These bars are good for children and ladies to given them perfect energy breaks. They will love the flavors of these bars. These are loaded with oats and dates.

These bars can meet the nutritional requirements of a child, such as calcium for bones, protein to build muscle, antioxidants for wellness, soy and folic acid to improve the health of your heart.

These bars are free from dairy, wheat, and hydrogenated oils. You will really enjoy the refreshing lemon. With these bars, you can provide magnesium, vitamin A, folic acid, potassium and minerals to your children.


  • Zestfully refreshing and cool taste of creamy lemon
  • Made of organic oats
  • Gluten-free for active and healthy lifestyle
  • 9g protein between meals


  • Not for people who don’t like chocolate



Pressed By Kind Protein Bars without Sugar

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If you need a tasty and convenient protein bar for your child, you will need to be pressed by Kind protein bars. These are free from sugar and add freshness and benefits of real fruits and vegetables in the life of your children.

Each bar has chocolate, chia, and vegetables. This can be a great choice for mothers who want to offer nutrients of fresh vegetables and fruits to their children.

Most of the children don’t like to have vegetables or fruits. In these delicious bars, they will not identify the taste of these vegetables. You can offer them the nutrients of kale, banana and tropical pineapple.

These are pressed to make a delicious snack that is portable. You can put these bars in their lunchboxes to give them a healthy lunch.

These bars are low in fat, sodium and trans fats. These become an excellent source of dietary fiber. These are free from sugar and nuts, so you can give them to your children without any hesitation.


  • Contain freshness of kale, banana and tropical pineapple
  • Every bar is equal to the ½ cup fruit servings
  • Amazing source of low glycemic index and fiber
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Nut free


  • Children who like extra sweet bars may not like them


Bearded Brothers Raspberry Protein Bars

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These protein bars are full of energy for children, disc golfer, world traveler and outdoor lovers. They have an extensive experience in the supplement and food industry. This bar offers an excellent protein and carb ratio to fuel the body of children.

These are good for students and players to increase their energy and productivity. Each protein bar is loaded with seven delicious ingredients. This is nut free, soy free, gluten free and paleo. All vegan eaters can confidently try these bars.

Cycling, running, playing and even study on a desk all need energy. These protein bars are ideal for every occasion. These offer an excellent blend of sugars, carbs, and proteins.

You can choose these bars for children and adults at the same time. Just pack a bar in their lunch box to keep them satisfied and healthy while studying.


  • Raw, no nuts, no gluten, and vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • USDA Organic
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Crafted inedible batches


  • Bars can be smaller than usual bars


Organic ZEGO Cinnamon Seed and Apple Bars

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ZEGO organic fruity protein bars are ideal for parents who need something without irritants and allergens. These are tested for Glyphosate because they especially work to decrease the residue of Glyphosate. Apple bars with a special flavor of cinnamon is an amazing choice to please your child.

You can enjoy the taste of apples, chia, cinnamon and poppy seeds. These are full of flavors and give a delicious crunch in your mouth. Your children will like the texture and crunch of these bars.

If you want superfood bars without nuts, this can be a good choice. Your children will get instant energy after eating them. These are based on 100% real food so don’t worry about preservatives and artificial flavors.


  • Allergy friendly bars
  • 100% real food
  • Superfood protein bars
  • Offer energy for sports and study
  • Keep your children active and healthy
  • Free of irritants and allergens, such as soy, gluten, grains, egg, peanut, dairy, sesame and tree nut


  • May have coconut



JumpStart Bodyfuel Wheat Free Protein Bars

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The JumpStart protein bars are extremely delicious to fuel your body. These bars are special because of hand stirring with a spatula and long oars. The hand mixing brings a lot of difference in the texture and taste of bar.

These bars are free of synthetic minerals, vitamins, and artificial flavors. If you want something safe for your child, this can be a good protein bar. Mechanical mixers slowly break down all nutrients and turn them into flavorful pulp.

The bars have complex carbs that absorb slowly in your bloodstream and keep your child satisfied for a long day. Children will get energy for running and playing around.

Organic ingredients of these bars make them a healthy choice for children. These are loaded with protein, fiber, and other important nutrients.

They use rolled oats of whole grain, oat flour, pure cocoa, apple powder, cane sugar (unrefined), agave nectar and vanilla extract.

These bars are free of preservatives, cholesterol, and refined sugar. They offer good fiber and have a low glycemic index. If you like the taste of pure cocoa, this can be an excellent choice.


  • Unrefined and handmade
  • Vegan, fiber, and low glycemic index
  • No preservatives, eggs, hydrogenated oils and fats


  • May be low in protein
  • May be good for younger children



After reading this, it can be easy for you to buy a nut free protein bar for your children.

Most of the children may like to consume adult protein bars, but they may not have much protein. If you want to provide extra protein to your child, you should choose something special for them.

The protein bars with fruity flavor can be a good choice because it offers protein, dietary fiber, and carbohydrates to your children.

If your child has some deficiencies, it will be good to consult the physician of your child and ask for his/her recommendation. The vegan protein bars without gluten and nuts can be a good choice to decrease the risk of choking.

You should read ingredients and national value of each bar. It will help you to find the calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein in each bar.

These bars are ideal to carry on a travel, such as a put in the lunch box or sports bag of your child. Choose a protein bar with fruits and healthy ingredients. Avoid bars with alcoholic sugar, preservatives, and chemicals.

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