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Looking for the lowest calorie protein bars that will fit right into your diet meal plan? Look no further. Find what are the lowest calorie protein bars available on the market, and what are the top ones, right here.

The point of protein bars is to provide as much protein as possible per bar while keeping the calorie rate the lowest possible.

They’re a very healthy addition to your meals, even a great piece of the meal as a go-to for busiest days. If you’re working on losing weight or getting fit, protein is very important.

So are the calories that you take in your body every day. Therefore, the best solution would be to eat the lowest calorie protein bars.

In this post, I chose 8 different low-calorie protein bars that I tested and reviewed. Therefore, all you have to do is just pick the ones you like the most and that will suit you the best.

Lowest Calorie Protein Bars

There are many low-calorie protein bars on the market. However, here’s the list of top bars that will make your choice as easier as possible.

Primal Thin Protein Bars  – Only 130 Calories

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Primal Thin protein bars are the best ones when it comes to low-calorie protein bars. At the same time, they offer the most protein at the same time.

Primal Thin protein bars are my favorite ones when it comes to the low-calorie protein bars.

Primal Thin protein bars contain pure 20 grams of organic protein per bar. The protein is grass-fed, and then cold filtered for the best efficiency.

It’s worth to mention that there is only 1 gram of sugar. That is the natural type of sugar which naturally occurs in the protein bar. It’s also helpful because it makes the Primal Thin protein bars taste amazing. They have a taste of monk fruit.

Primal Thin protein bars are gluten-free and GMO-free which is very important to mention. They consist of only 4 important and main ingredients. That’s the secret how Primal Thin is able to create protein bars with only 130 calories per bar.

Every pack is naturally preserved using fresh technology. You will always get the freshest bars ever.


  • Lowest calorie protein bar on the market
  • One of the highest protein percentages as well
  • Can stay fresh up to 18 months in the package
  • No sweeteners used
  • 100% natural


  • Taste might not be perfect for everyone

Busy Bar Protein Bars – 140 Calories

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Busy Bars protein bars would be my second choice when it comes down to the low-calorie protein bars.

Their protein bars have only 140 calories. At the same time, they offer 13 g of pure protein and even 9 g of fiber.

Protein in Busy Bar is 100% natural. It’s grass-fed whey protein. It’s also important to mention that there is only 1 g of sugar. It’s a natural sugar that occurs during the procedure. No additional sweeteners are used. They aren’t necessary at all. Busy Bar protein bars taste delicious already.

For everyone who’s wondering about gluten and soy – you are safe to eat Busy Bar protein bars because they’re gluten-free and soy-free.

Since they’re very low-calorie bars, they’re suitable to be added to any workout or meal plan.

One of the best things we didn’t mention already is that you are backed up with a satisfaction guarantee. In case you don’t like the Busy Bar protein bars – you can return them within 30 days from the purchase and get your money back!


  • Low amount of sugar
  • Great balance of protein and calories
  • Safe for people who can’t eat gluten and soy products
  • Suitable for all lifestyles
  • Reasonable price


  • Peanut butter flavor might not be everyone’s choice

SimplyProtein Bar – 150 Calories

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If you’re a big fan of peanut butter and chocolate – SimplyProtein Bar is the right choice. If not, you might want to have a look at some other low-calorie protein bars from the list.

SimplyProtein Bar has only 150 calories per bar. On the other hand, they offer amazing 15 g of protein and 7 g of fiber per bar.

These protein bars are made only from natural ingredients, and there are no sweeteners at all. There is only 1 g of sugar which is a natural sugar that is created by itself during the production. It’s the right amount of sugar that won’t mess up with your blood, yet will give you enough of energy during the day.

SimplyProtein Bar is a non-GMO product, and it is suitable for vegans, plant-based eaters, and people who only eat gluten-free products.

SimplyProtein Bar is the perfect way to start a new healthy low-calorie lifestyle with a goal to get fit or lose weight.

The unique crunchy texture of SimplyProtein Bar will make you feel like you’re cheating your diet. Definitely delicious, yet healthy to eat.


  • The high amount of protein and fiber
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Delicious taste, yet a healthy snack
  • Perfect for healthy lifestyles
  • Affordable price


  • The bar texture isn’t holding together the best

NuGo Protein Bar – 170 Calories

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Protein bars are suitable for early mornings. They’re a perfect snack for people who rush traffic to get to work.

NuGo protein bar is made from a vanilla yogurt flavor which is the greatest protein bar taste for the mornings, in my opinion. And from my experience, I only eat yogurt protein bars in the morning.

These protein bars have 11 g of clean protein in each bar. At the same time, their calorie count is 170 which is really great.

The brand name of these protein bars is NuGo, which means Nutrition to Go. Their protein bars are perfectly sized to fit in any pocket. Also, they’re perfectly sized as a portion. You will never eat half of the bar and have to leave the other half.

It’s important to keep in mind that NuGo protein bars are gluten-free, however, they’re made from soy protein. Soy protein helps to protect and fight against heart diseases. However, if you’re allergic to soy, you should definitely avoid these bars.

There are also no oils, fats, and cholesterol in NuGo protein bars. The texture of these bars offers a crispy taste thanks to the light baking system.


  • A great amount of protein
  • Perfect for morning snack
  • Made from soy protein
  • Excellent baking style to achieve the crispness
  • Perfectly sized portions


  • Not suitable for vegans

Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe – 180 Calories

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As the name says, these bars are made from pure protein, covered with a delicious taste. They might make you guilty since you will be thinking you’re cheating your diet

However, there’s nothing to worry about. Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe are perfectly sized protein bars that have only 180 calories per bar. At the same time, they provide a great amount of protein, which is 21 g of pure protein per bar.

It’s also worth to mention that there are also 3 grams of sugar per bar. If that might be too much for your body, you can always stick to other protein bars on this list which have only 1 gram of sugar per bar.

They’re gluten-free and GMO-free. From the surface, they might look like any other chocolate candy bar. However, that’s just a chocolate deluxe flavor.

It’s important what’s in the ingredients. Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe bars are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no fluff added at all.


  • Pure protein bars
  • Amazing 21 g of protein per bar
  • Only 180 calories considering the chocolate flavor
  • Gluten-free
  • Reasonably priced


  • Might have too much sugar for some people

Quest Nutrition Protein Bar – 180 Calories

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If you’re staying strictly to your healthy meal schedule, you might have your cheat days. But what if those cheat days aren’t enough for you?

You sure must be missing a delicious strawberry cheesecake, aren’t you?

Quest Nutrition protein bars are a perfectly made protein bars which have all the healthy ingredients inside, yet taste just like a strawberry cake!

I know it might seem too good to be true. A healthy protein bar with a taste of strawberry cheesecake that has only 180 calories? It’s a dream! Right?

Another great thing is that Quest Nutrition protein bars also have a great amount of protein, 20 g of protein per bar.

You must be wondering about sugar right now, right? The great news is that there are only 2 grams of sugar in each bar! Combine that with a strawberry cheesecake taste, and you get the perfect combination.

No added sugar at all. It’s 100% natural sugar produced by the natural formula. Quest Nutrition protein bars also contain dried strawberries, almonds, and other natural flavors.

These bars are 100% natural, but also gluten and soy free at the same time too.


  • Strawberry cheesecake taste
  • Perfect for any time of the day
  • High in protein, low in calories and sugar
  • No additional sweeteners added
  • 100% natural, gluten and soy free
  • Amazing price for such treat
  • Suitable for all lifestyles


  • The formula of Quest Nutrition protein bars changed in 2016

Pure Protein Strawberry Greek Yogurt Bar – 190 Calories

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In my opinion, if you’re trying to watch your calories – you can eat any protein bars that are under 200 calories per bar.

Pure Protein Strawberry Greek Yogurt bars are right under my personal limit. They have 190 calories, which is great for low-calorie diets.

On the other hand, these protein bars have an amazing 20 grams of pure protein per bar. It’s a perfect combination for gaining lean muscles and for strength workout sessions. It can be used as pre or post work out snack.

It will help you fuel your body in the gym, but also at work or any other time of your busy day. Perfect size helps you to carry it easily on a go by putting it in any of your pockets.

Nutrition of Pure Protein Strawberry Greek Yogurt Bar is very well balanced with high-quality essentials and protein that is important for keeping your body healthier.

If you’re definitely into fitness, I’d highly recommend you this protein bar. It has helped me a lot before, throughout my fitness and weight loss program.

Delicious taste will make you forget you’re even eating a protein bar!


  • Offer 20 grams of protein
  • Great for fitness and work out
  • Suitable for lean muscles gains
  • Delicious taste
  • Can be eaten any time of the day


  • Crumbs of this protein bars can fall on your clothes. If not removed properly, they can smear on your clothes

Pure Protein Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar – 190 Calories

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If strawberry greek yogurt taste isn’t your favorite, that’s totally fine.

I have added another protein bar from the same brand Pure Protein, yet in another taste. They have many other tastes as well. However, these two are my favorite, and in my opinion, the best ones. However, if you don’t like any of them, try checking out the Pure Protein Blueberry Bars.

Other than taste, there are a few small differences between Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar and Strawberry Greek Yogurt Bars.

The amount of protein bars differs. Pure Protein Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar has 19 grams of pure protein. You shouldn’t even notice the difference.

They still have 1 gram of sugar per bar, which makes it suitable for workouts, fitness programs, weight loss programs, and any other type of lifestyle.

At first, these protein bars might look just like any other treat, however, they’re a pure combination of protein, and fiber, with a low amount of sugar, and other additional fluff.

They are gluten-free, GMO-free, and soy-free.  Only natural ingredients are used for making Pure Protein Bars. Therefore, they’re a great snack for everyone’s who’s working on gaining more lean muscles.

Toning your body shouldn’t be a problem either. You can have a cheat day, every day! Except this would be a healthy cheat day that wouldn’t ruin your progress.


  • Great delicious taste
  • Suitable for lean muscle building
  • Great for weight loss programs
  • Can be used any time of the day
  • Price is very well priced


  • Coconut flavor might be too sweet for some people


Finding the right lowest calorie protein bars shouldn’t be a problem anymore. I dedicated this list to everyone who was once in my position.

I have used all my knowledge, and testing experience to let you know about my favorite choices of low-calorie protein bars.

Diets shouldn’t be horrible. You can still treat yourself with healthy snacks, just like any of these protein bars.

What is your favorite low-calorie protein bar?

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