How to Gain Weight Fast and Naturally? Best Way to Gain Weight

Gaining weight is a nightmare to some people, while it can be the sweetest of dreams to some others. Yes, I guess you are also taking it as your dream. However, don’t think that increasing your present body weight will always be an untouchable reality.

Trust me; I am not going to present an intuition to you. Rather, there are of course several definite and absolutely harmless ways of gaining weight. Just the thing is someone has to be really serious and conscious about it.

Are you surprised by the fact? Yes, you are staring at me that’s because you have not gone through proper step by step process. Let me help you. Let me suggest you some genuine tips to gain your weight naturally.

You have a different query, right? How to gain weight fast? You have chosen the right place. Stay with me and I am going to suggest you a thorough and effective guideline to gain some extra pounds of weight.

A lot of people are focused on gaining weight naturally, but do you know how to gain weight safely as well?

How to Gain Weight Naturally?

At the very initial stage, you should make sure that you really need to gain weight for healthy living. Of course, don’t go with the flow that, fat is always bad for everyone. This is not always true. In fact, good fat helps to provide you a healthy and delightful living.

Do you get my exact point? I am not talking about the extra fat which might be harmful. You really need some well-built muscle and body structure to look good and get a health free of diseases.

Now come to the most important factor, make it as natural as possible. Do not go for any abnormal diet. I repeat, do not go for something extraordinary.

But yes, through the natural way, you can get your desired result. How? Ok, here are some step by step guidelines:

  1. More Calories

The definite and must be done point is, you need more calories. It may be you are taking less than your actual need. How can you determine your everyday calorie need?

If you are an adult person, you should take 1800-2000 as a woman or 2500-2800 calories as a man. I have stated most generalized estimation; it may vary from person to person, according to factors like age, height etc.

So, what is the task you have to do? Start increasing your daily calorie intake. You heard it right. Try to intake more calories than earlier you used to take. And the amount of increase depends on you. Around 400-500 more calories is going to be really helpful.

  1. Eat More Frequently

The most appropriate food habit is, take food again and again. You don’t need to eat too much during a single sitting. Rather, divide it into multiple meals. Start your day by taking a proper breakfast. Go for some snacks twice or thrice before lunch.

Take your regular meal at lunchtime. Again go for some snacks twice until your dinner. It is not that, you have to take too much every time. Rather, you concentrate on taking meals more frequently.

To be more specific, divide your whole day meal into 5 or 6 parts. It helps your body to digest your meal perfectly and utilize these meals on your regular body mechanism.

  1. Balanced Protein Intake

It is not like that, spend all the day on eating and take whatever you want. Gaining natural and healthy weight will cost your time and sincerity about it. You need to be aware of your body needs.

Protein is a very essential component, which helps to get a perfectly built body. Generally, you should take 0.36 grams of protein per pound of your body weight.

Let’s assume your weight is 100lbs. You should try to take 36g protein each day of your regular life. Now take a calculator, start counting yours.

Are you confused about how much protein a meal usually contains? I can provide you with some tips to understand the amount of protein in your meals.

Type of Food Amount of Protein (g)
One Egg 6g
One Piece Chicken Drumstick 12.4g
One Cup Milk 8g
One Medium Banana 1.3g

Now you have a good understanding. You know what your everyday meal should contain, and how much you need to take. Start planning your meals and go for balanced protein intake.

If you still don’t know how you should design your meals, then I have another suggestion for you. Start taking healthy protein bars. Yes, they are really helpful in planning your everyday meals.

  1. Increase Physical Activity

Do not overlook this crucial factor. Remember, your aim is to have a natural weight gain. Regular physical activities are a key point to a healthy and organized body mechanism.

What type of body functionality is needed?

  • Go for a morning walk every day
  • Or maybe 30 minutes of running
  • A routine free hand exercise
  • Weekly 4-5 days simple workout at the gym
  • Try out sports of your choice

That’s true. You have got a variety of choice. Please take anyone you prefer most. Or take several and make some systematic functionality. It will help whole mechanisms of a human body to grow in a balanced way.

Just mobilize your body so that you do not make yourself as storage of extra saturated fat inside your body. This will rather raise other health issues.

  1. Smart Food Choice

Not all kinds of food you take are a good choice to gain weight. Choosing food is an important part of your target. Always keep in mind, calorie dense food may be the best choice for you. Wondering what do I mean by calorie dense?

There are very easy to reach foods available in the market, where you will find more calories by comparatively lower consumption. I can suggest you some foods which you can keep on your meals.

  • Honey
  • Cheese
  • Butter
  • Dried fruits
  • Avocado
  • Granola Cereal
  • Mixed Nuts

Make your plan accordingly and remember the word calorie dense foods, alright?

  1. Less Water Before a Meal

However, don’t drink water before taking your meal. If you are too thirsty, then drink as less as you can.Don’t start to take me wrong. I know water plays a crucial role within our body. I also suggest you drink enough water regularly. In fact, it assists you to maintain the proper functioning of your body.

Becausedrinking water before taking meals will reduce your food consumption. Less food means fewer calories. Less food means less protein. Less food means less growth.

So what to do? Drink water throughout the day. Do not drink water prior to your meals.

I have found you really patient and committed. Definitely, you can change your present condition. Yes, you will gain some natural body weight if you start to follow these guidelines.

Do not hesitate to start. Change your lifestyle from this day right at this moment. See your gradual change and let me know. Let me know how much extra pounds of weight you have gained!!

Are you amongst them, trying to gain weight fast? Let me know your expected time, One month? Or only a week?

How to GainWeight in One Month?

It is very advanced and professional plan to set a goal. You have set your goal to one month, which is appreciated. You can do that by following the above steps. Just the thing is, you should give some extra effort.

Increase taking around 1,000 more calories every day. Not on your very first day, but it should be your target. Need explanation?

  •  Calculate on going calorie intake.
  •  I take 2,000
  • Make it up to 3,000 calories everyday
  • I can do that
  • What about physical exercises?
  • Not doing anything.
  • One hour free hand exercise is needed.
  • I can do that as well
  • Maintain a combination of all your body needs
  • Yes, I will

Congratulations. You have passed. There is a high chance you can get extra 6-8 lbs. within a month. It is very realistic and there are a number of examples who have accomplished there goals.

Is it risky for your health? I would say not at all, as long as you can go through these practices without having any physical difficulties.  However, if you start to face any imbalance on your body or regular life, then you should consult a physician.

How to Gain Weight in One Week?

I got you. You are in a rush. You want a really quick result. At first, you have to ask yourself, are you ready for it? Gaining weight in so short time is quite difficult I must say. After all these, I can provide you with some good tips.

  • Double your calorie intake
  • Go to the gym and start some muscle building exercises
  • You should avoid much running
  • Increase a good amount of calorie dense food intake
  • Drink lots of water to support your hydration

Actually, you have to pursue your target very seriously. Fast weight gaining demands all your dedicated efforts. You will find a good result at the end of the day.


I must remind you of the most important factor about any of your goals.

You have to put your trust in yourself. You will be succeeded for sure, if you have dedication on a particular fact. However, I have a quote for you. Slow and steady wins the race.

Try to make your perfect body through a natural process. Do not go too fast. Consult a physician if you find any abnormal change occurs into your body. I wish you all the best on your practical steps ahead.

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