Protein is one of the most crucial macro-nutrients of body mechanisms along with carbs and fat.Break a protein and get smaller units like a chain of Amino Acids

Protein is constantly playing an active role inside your body mechanism. Every health-conscious fellow finds this small piece of word familiar, right? Absolutely right.

Wait for a while,please. It is not ended yet; in fact, you have just started a journey. I am going to present you a clear perception and detailed analysis of protein and its necessity for your body.

What is Protein? Why do you need it?

Protein is one of the most crucial macro-nutrients of body mechanisms along with carbs and fat. Break a protein and get smaller units like a chain of Amino Acids. Obviously, it is not your duty to break it. Rather, leave it to the automated system of your body functionality.

Every living organism has lots of functionalities performed by proteins and amino acids. There are a number of different sectors protein has to work inside body mechanisms. Let’s go for a brief knowledge.

  • Several tissues function inside a human body. Whenever these tissues need repairing, protein is there. When they need replacement, again; protein is needed.
  • There are some specific types of protein which work asa messenger. Communication between different cells and organs are maintained by these chemical messenger proteins.
  • You are going through lots of chemical reactions inside your body every moment. You get it right; protein is the helping hand here as well.
  • Protein like antibodies protects your body from virus and bacteria attacks. Without this type of protein support, it is not possible to defend viral or bacterial diseases.
  • The concentration of acid and base is well maintained in a fully functional body. This is not out of our short list. Yes, nothing else than protein has a key role here as well.

Trust me, these are the brief ideas. Earlier in your life, I think you have got the chance to know about protein need for your body. Yet, you may need to perceive the relationship between Protein Intake & Weight Loss.

How Protein Helps Weight Loss?

I can discuss some specific points, where you can find the connection of weight loss with protein.

Less Appetite – Fewer Calorie Intake

Do you know the root factor of how you can lose your weight? Just start taking fewer calories than now. Protein-scan help you at this exact point as well.

Actually, proteins start performing numerous body mechanisms with hormones which can help to reduce your hunger. Since you have started taking increased protein diet, your hunger is not much like before.

So, do you have any cause to take calories like before?

Of course not, as long as you are serious about losing weight.

Burn More Calories

Boost your body metabolism through higher protein intake. Increased metabolism basically helps to burn already taken calories. Let me share an interesting fact about body metabolism.

It actually works even when you are sleeping. What does that mean? It is really as simple as you are thinking. – Take a high amount of protein. – Increase your body metabolic rate. – Burn calories on 24/7

Less Food yet Healthy Living

Do not mess up your weight loss journey with muscle loss. Your aim is to lose your body fat by losing unnecessary weight.

At the same time, if you take less protein, it can slow down your body metabolism.

Do not take it as a simple issue. If metabolism does not work perfectly, it may hamper your muscles. This leads to an unhealthy life full of ill functionality. You must be thinking, how can you get rid of this problem.

High protein low-fat meals will deliver you fewer calories with a higher amount of protein. Through the way, your muscle can be well built and your stamina is not going to reduce. At the same time, you are going to reduce extra body fat.

Reduce Unnecessary Food Consumption

A vast majority of people around the world is gaining ‘unnecessary’ weight just because they eat ‘unnecessarily’. Most people engage themselves in craving. What is craving?

You are eating so many things without considering your body need. Despite eating so much, your daily meals do not contain the required proportion of macro-nutrients and other minerals. This exactly is called craving.Craving can ruin one’s health along with well-built body structure.

Most interestingly, the strong desire accompanied by high protein diet can help you to deal with it. When you have started to shape your daily meals considering protein as an important part, you can definitely help yourself on reducing unwanted appetite.

Optimal Protein Intake for Weight Loss

Let’s go through the traditional calculation of your protein needs. According to Dietary Reference Intake (DRI), you need to take –

  • 8 grams of Protein per Kilogram, or
  • 36 grams of Protein per Pound.

I am here to help you make the calculation easier. Let’s assume your body weight is 120 lbs. The DRI suggestion is to take 43.2 grams of protein every day. Or maybe a 60 Kg weighed man or woman has to take 48g or protein.

Wait for a second,please. You are here for the tips of weight loss and its connection with protein, right? Then, I have some stimulating facts to provide you for sure.

When body weight has just started to decrease, two demoralizing factors can occur.

  • The gradual degradation of body metabolism
  • Serious loss of crucial body muscles

You have already noticed, more protein intake can solve these two factors. Help yourself by taking additional amount of daily protein than DRI suggestions. Increase high protein low-fat foods on your everyday meals.

You are allowed to take almost double amount of protein, up to 0.75 grams per pound or 1.6 grams per kilogram. Do not rush for it. You definitely know the proverb, slow and steady wins the race. Right? Then you know what you need to do.

Best Healthy Protein Foods

There are plenty of protein sources in different kinds of foods. Before I mention various foods which contain high protein, I can share another piece of fact about amino acids.

Basically, a human body needs 22 types of amino acids. 13 types of amino acids are made through our body functionality. Remaining 9 are considered as essentials which we get directly from foods.

You can find protein from animal products as well as high protein plant foods. Usually, the first kind of source is called complete protein because they support you with all these essential amino acids.

I am going to mention some foods here which contain a handsome amount of protein.

High Protein Animal Products

  1. Red Meats like
  • Beef: Very rich protein source. You can get almost 26g protein per 100g meat. It can be an available source for you. In addition, it tastes really good.
  • Deer: 30g protein in 100g. However, you can have some difficulties getting it near you. Though some may throw negative comments about its taste, it has got a good perception to the majority of people.
  • Lamb: You can get 25g of protein per 100g meat. It is absolutely fine with you if you are not suffering from cholesterol issue. Pretty much available and certainly delicious as a food.
  1. Seafood like
  • Tuna: It’s time for your favorite fish tuna. You will have almost 30g of protein from consuming 100 grams of it. Taste is awesome. Available as well.
  • Salmon: 25g of protein per 100g. If you are a seafood lover, of course, you should like it. It is quite available as canned form.
  • Swordfish: 20g of protein in a 100g can which is almost 40% of it. Swordfish also contains a good amount of saturated fat. Good to eat sometimes.
  1. Poultry items such as
  • Chicken: 31g of protein per 100 grams of cooked chicken. Very popular food throughout the whole world. A great source of protein.
  • Turkey:Almost 23g/100 of protein on an average. People have started to like it nowadays. You can include Turkey on your regular meal.
  • Quails:These tiny birds are interesting farm productions. They taste good and an excellent item for making changes to your meals. 22g proteins in each 100g servings.
  1. Dairy products like
  • Milk: 4g of proteins per 100 grams. A perfect dairy product which should be consumed regularly.
  • Cheese: Almost 25g proteins on every 100g servings. However, note it down that you can get almost 35g fat as well.
  • Whey: 1g/100 of protein on average. It is considered as a healthy food because of its combination of other nutritious facts.
  1. Different types of Eggs
  • Chicken Egg: 12g of protein per 100g. You would definitely like it on your regular
  • Quail Egg: 13g of protein per 100g. These little eggs might add delicious items on your meals.
  1. Various local fishes: Differing from region to region, there are huge varieties of fishes. Usually, you can find 20-28g of proteins on every100 grams considering their types.

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High Protein Vegan Foods

There is always a solution for vegans like you. There are plenty of plant-based foods which contain a high protein. Buckwheat, Quinoa etc. can be considered as a complete source of protein.  Some other protein sources can be:


Approximate Protein (g)

 per 100g servings

Nuts 20g
Rice 2.7g
Beans 21g
Lentils 9g
Grains 13g
Avocados 2g
Legumes 5g
Soy 16g
Hemp 30g
Peas 6g

If you are amongst them having no specific complexity on food, then I will recommend you should consume both animal and plant-based sources of protein. You will definitely lead yourself to a healthier life.

Low Carbs yet High Protein Foods

I can guess what your exact query is. I am jumping to the straight position now. Your base target is to lose your weight. So, you need to consume high protein foods which are low in carbohydrates. Here is the list of your desired foods:

  1. Fish
    Bahian Halibut, Trout, Salmon and others can get your priority within the list.
  1. Meats
    Chicken is the best in this category. Some grass-fed animals like beef, lamb etc. are fine as well.
  1. Vegetables
    Spinach, tofu, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower are some of high protein low carb veg foods.
  1. Nuts
    You should try peanuts, cashews, walnuts,and almonds
  1. Fruits
    Blueberries, strawberries, oranges, apples 
  1. Eggs
    Chicken or quail eggs can be your choice of everyday high protein foods 

High Protein Low Fat Foods

You have already gone through these foods. You can try chicken, spinach, broccoli, carrots, almond, apples,and eggs.

You don’t have to worry much if you maintain the low carbs food list. You can easily get your desired diet with low carbs and low fats.

High Protein Diet Meal Plan

There are certain indications about you. You are patient as well as passionate enough to take care of your health. That is why you could go through all these necessary knowledge.

I have made your plan a bit easier. I am suggesting you a 7 days high protein meal plan for your everyday life.You can repeat or shuffle this plan according to your choice. So let’s start now.

Day 1

Breakfast: 3 eggs Omelet, Cheese, Diced Potatoes and Oranges

Lunch:Yogurts mixed with almonds and sliced apple

Dinner: Chicken & Broccoli with Sauce. Approx. 33g

Day 2

Breakfast:Almonds, 1-ounce cheese,and apple slices

Lunch: Chicken with avocado, tofu

Dinner:Shrimp with Salad; carrots included. Approx. 34g

Day 3

Breakfast:Pancakes, Walnuts,andStrawberries.

Lunch:170 g steak, mashed potato,and chow mean.

Dinner: Cashew nut salad with Salmon. Approx. 32g

Day 4

Breakfast: 3 eggs frittata, black olives,and oranges.

Lunch: Canned Salmon and cashew nut salads.

Dinner:Beef & Spinach. Approx. 34g

Day 5

Breakfast:Oatmeal, yogurt,and pecans.

Lunch:Shrimp with grilled onions, cheese, 1 cup black beans

Dinner: Chicken Meatballs with Sauce. Approx. 33g

Day 6

Breakfast:3 eggs Omelet, Walnuts,and Oranges.

Lunch:Veg lunch; try mixed vegetables and pineapple.

Dinner:Grilled Turkey with Thai Salad. Approx. 34g

Day 7

Breakfast:Pancakes, 1-ounce cheese,and sliced carrots

Lunch:170 g steak, mashed potato,and chow mean.

Dinner: Bean Burgers with Avocado. Approx. 32g


There are several factors needed to combine in order to reach your wellness goal. Everyday meals, physical activity, exercise, sleeping time, working routine and so on- a number of factors are connected to your body fitness and weight loss functionality.

We cannot deny any of them. However, we can say that the prime focus must have to be on your daily meals. Make a high protein diet plan; combine it with other crucial issues. Do you know finally what will you get?

Get a healthy life with a perfect body fitness of your own interest. Make a plan and walk through it. Trust me; you will definitely get a great result.

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