Healthy Gluten Free High Protein Bars

Always checking the nutrition facts to make sure the products you consume are gluten-free can be exhausting.

But that shouldn’t stop you to enjoy and benefit from the protein bars, no matter their flavor.

Luckily enough, there are manufacturers who took this very seriously and they have started producing gluten-free protein bars which are still high in protein.

This way, people who can’t eat gluten products are fortune enough to still get the chance to enjoy their favorite protein bars and still benefit from the full protein.

Therefore, in this post, you will be able to find the healthiest gluten free high protein bars which taste as good as gluten protein bars.

Gluten Free High Protein Bars

TRUWOMEN Plant Fueled Protein Bar

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If you’re looking for the healthiest and the most natural protein bar on the market, it’s definitely going to be TRUWOMEN plant fueled protein bar.

This protein bar is made only from pure ingredients such as flour, brown rice protein, almonds, cocoa powder, sea salt, and other.

One single bar offers 12 grams of protein which is sourced from the plants, yet it features an amazing flavor which is simple but satisfying.

It’s gluten-free, includes no dairy, no soy, sugar, and it’s still delicious. It’s the perfect protein bar if you’re keeping your healthy diet and want a healthy snack before & after work out sessions or in between of your meals.

Papa Steve’s No Junk Raw Protein Bars

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Papa Steve’s no junk raw protein bars offer amazing 20 grams of protein bars from only natural source. The protein source is only high-quality whey which is great for fueling muscles before and after the workout sessions.

At the same time, it’s going to keep you full of energy and help you go through your day.

The most important thing is that Papa Steve’s protein bars feature no gluten at all, no GMO, and no wheat. No junk really stands in the name of this protein bar for a reason.

It’s worth to know that these protein bars are hand-made and they come from local sources, which means there is no commercial production, yet the quality is the most important factor.

If you have a close look at the ingredients, you will spot only natural ingredients.

Proti-Thin Chocolate Crisp Protein Bar

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Who said that you can’t enjoy chocolate even though you can’t handle gluten? Proti-Thin chocolate crisp protein bars are gluten free so anyone can actually enjoy some chocolate, and still remain healthy.

The best thing about this protein bar is that you will feel like you’re having a guilty cheat snack, while it’s actually a snack full of protein with the low amount of fat and almost none sugar.

Per bar, you can expect to get 15 grams of protein, only 5 grams of carbs, high amount of fiber, packed in only 160 calories per bar.

Proti-Thin is one of the first brands who made chocolate crips protein bars gluten-free so everyone can enjoy them care-free.

Losing weight with chocolate protein bars might seem impossible, but it’s true.

HealthSmart High Protein Peanut Butter Diet Bar

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If you love peanut butter, and can’t consume gluten products, you might be sacrificing yourself for your health.

However, thanks to the HealthSmart, you can now enjoy peanut butter high protein bar and still take care of your diet worry-free.

Each bar offers 15 grams of protein, and it’s low in sodium & cholesterol, and it even doesn’t have gluten at all.

Needless to say, while eating HealthSmart high protein peanut butter bars, you will forget that you’re actually eating a healthy protein bar instead of a candy.

Each bar has only 170 calories and it won’t affect your diet plans. The best thing is you can consume it between the meals, before or after work out, or even after a lunch at your work.

Bhu Fit Primal Protein Bars

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Bhu Fit offers primal protein bars that are packed with 15 grams of protein yet only 1 gram of sugar. It’s the perfect protein bar if you’re watching your weight, eating healthy, working out and watching after yourself in a healthy and natural way.

This protein bar is definitely one of my favorite guilt-free desserts which don’t even feel like I’m eating something healthy. Yet the results are definitely there after quite some time.

There are 9 grams of fiber, and the source of protein is only grass fed whey which is one of the best sources possible. If you’re looking to increase the intake of your protein yet keep your taste buds excited about every protein bar you’ll eat – then this is the right choice for you.

And of course, Bhu Fit Primal protein bars don’t feature gluten and they’re suitable for vegans too.

BodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bar

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If you enjoy nothing else but only organic products with very few ingredients, BodyMe is the brand you should be looking into.

They feature organic vegan protein bars that are gluten-free and consist only of natural plant ingredients such as brown rice, pea protein, and organic hemp seed protein source.

If you think that BodyMe protein bars are weaker than other protein bars on the market due to the natural ingredients, you are wrong. Organic vegan protein bars can build and increase muscle with proper form workout session and a regular meal plan.

In each bar, you’d get 16 grams of protein from 3 different plant sources, and with no soy, GMO, whey, and gluten.

It’s available in 5 wonderful flavors that taste amazing. It’s a perfect protein bar for ethical warriors out there!


Having to avoid gluten, soy, and even dairy can waste your precious time and only complicate things in your life.

However, these protein bar brands are doing their best to make sure to provide everything the users are looking for.

There are no more limitations and no reasons to keep your diet to the minimum now when there are bars packed with the protein you can have today.

Which one of these gluten free high protein bars is your favorite? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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