Best Tasting Protein Bars

Still haven't had luck finding your best tasting protein bar? Tune in and find top 10 protein bars which are very different, yet have one thing in common - and that is the best taste ever.

So far, we have been focusing on protein bars that will match the needs of particular groups of people. But we shouldn’t forget about the taste, should we?

I consider that the taste is as important as the ingredients are. Without a great taste, most people wouldn’t eat even the healthiest protein bars out there.

That’s why, in this post, we will focus on the best tasting protein bars on the market. We will also keep an eye on the ingredients, such as sugar, proteins, carbs, and others, just to make sure that we still get the healthiest protein bars available.

Best Tasting Protein Bars

Grenade Carb Killa Caramel Chaos Protein Bar

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The name of this protein bar says it all. It’s a caramel chaos which offers an amazing taste, which, I am sure everyone willl like.

That’s one of the reasons why I placed it in the first place of our review list.

Another great thing about Grenade Carb Killa Caramel Chaos protein bar is that it offers a great amount of protein and fiber, while at the same time, the sugar is lowered to the minimum.

Chocolate used in this protein bars is European chocolate, which in case you didn’t try – you definitely should. It’s delicious.

Grenade Carb Killa Caramel Chaos protein bar offers 23 grams of protein per bar, while it only maintains “ per bar. It’s a great ratio, so no matter how guilty you feel while eating such delicious protein bar, you can be assured that it’s as healthy as it could be.

It’s a delicious tasting protein bar that is packed with protein that will keep your energy up during the longest days, hardest workouts, and in between the meals.

Other than Caramel Chaos taste, Grenade Carb Killa also has a lot of different delicious tastes, such as Chip Cookie, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and my second favorite, Jaffa Quake.

If you like one of these, I am sure you will love other tastes as well!


  • Packed with protein and fiber
  • The best-tasting flavor on the market
  • Great texture
  • Low amount of carbs
  • Gluten-free


  • Contains some artificial sweeteners

Quest Nutrition Apple Pie Protein Bar

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My second personal choice on this list is the Quest Nutrition Apple Pie protein bar. I am sure that almost everyone loves apple pie, right? What’s there not to love about it.

What would you do if you were able to treat yourself to an apple pie protein bar, no matter what diet plan you’re on, and no matter how hard you’re working on your body?

Quest Nutrition Apple Pie protein bar can be eaten by themselves, or they can even be baked into a delicious meal and can be served as a dessert.

Just like any apple pie, Quest Nutrition Apple Pie protein bar consists of apples, cinnamon, almonds, and other natural flavors. However, there is no sugar added. Instead, Quest Nutrition Apple Pie protein bars are sweetened with Stevia, Sucralose, and Erythritol.

While you’re feeling like you’re cheating your diet plan, you will actually be getting 20 grams of protein per bar, with only 6 grams of carb and 3 grams of sugar. Each Quest Nutrition Apple Pie protein bar has 190 calories which are a great addition to your meals.

Quest Nutrition Apple Pie protein bar is 100% natural and there are no gluten or soy ingredients at all. It can’t get better for such a delicious taste.

It’s also worth to mention that Quest Nutrition has many other protein bar tastes which you should definitely try if you like their Apple Pie.


  • Quest Bar protein bars can be baked
  • A great amount of protein
  • Optimised protein-sugar ratio
  • Only natural ingredients, including natural sweeteners
  • Gluten and soy free


  • Quest Bar recently changed the formula, which might not be to everyone’s taste

ONE Protein Bar Birthday Cake

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It might be hard to believe, but there is a company ONE that produces birthday cake protein bars!

When I saw this exact protein bar at first, my only thought was “Proteins and a birthday cake at once?! Here I go!”.

And you might give it a guess. Well, since it’s featured as a number three on our list, I can assure you that it’s definitely worth a try.

Each ONE protein bar birthday cake consists of 8 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and less than 1 gram of sugar!

If you’re on a strict diet, and can’t even afford to eat a piece of cake for your birthday, ONE protein bar birthday cake might be the best solution. Also, whenever you’re going to a birthday party, pack yourself with ONE protein bar birthday cake, and you will have no regrets afterward.

ONE protein bar birthday cake will keep your energy levels high, and since there is less than 1 gram of sugar, you can eat it whenever you feel like it! Mornings, evenings, or even night – you choose.

A total number of calories per bar is as low as it can get – only 88 calories per bar. It’s also worth to mention that ONE protein bar birthday cake is gluten-free.


  • Unique, one of a kind protein bar
  • Low in calories, high in protein and fiber
  • The lowest amount of sugar ever in a bar
  • Best treat you can get from protein bars
  • Tastes just like a real cake
  • Suitable for any occasion


  • These aren’t a regular meal replacement bars since they’re not regular sized bars

Clif Builder’s Peanut Butter Protein Bar

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Clif Builder’s Peanut Butter protein bars are packed with a great tasting flavor, protein, and fiber that will help you get through your day no matter what you’re up to.a a a a a a

Combination of peanut and butter covered in a chocolate will make you feel like you’re eating a Snicker or any other candy bar. However, with Clif Builder’s peanut butter protein bar – there are no regrets.

Every protein bar is made from non-GMO ingredients which help to create and keep more sustainable food system and nutrition for your body.

Each Clif Builder’s Peanut Butter protein bar is packed with 20 grams of pure protein, combining the natural flavor, with a moderate level of fat and sugar. It’s suitable

The best thing is they don’t taste too sweet, yet, have a great texture that will make you feel like you’re eating a chocolate candy bar.

Clif Builder’s Peanut Butter protein bars are low in glycemic which is great for nutrition and your body. Your body will digest food slower, making you feel fuller for longer, and therefore, you will have more energy available for your daily activities.

Also, if you aren’t a big fan of chocolate and peanut butter, you should check out other Clif Builder’s protein bars with different tastes such as Chocolate Mint.


  • A great amount of protein
  • Price is reasonable and affordable
  • Awesome taste of chocolate and peanut butter
  • No artificial sweeteners used
  • Great texture


  • It has almost 300 calories and a larger amount of sugar, which might not be suitable for everyone’s goals

PureFit Chocolate Chip with Peanut Butter Protein Bar

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If you can’t resist the chocolate chips, there is nothing to worry about. Thanks to PureFit, they’ve successfully created one of the healthiest protein bars that have the same taste just like Cookie Doughs!

However, PureFit Chocolate Chip protein bars come pumped up with 18 grams of protein per bar. While they might not have as much protein like other protein bars, they’re still nutritionally amazing, and since they’re combined with such an awesome taste – they had to end up on my list.

At the same time, it’s worth to mention that PureFit Chocolate Chip protein bars are made only from natural ingredients. Therefore, these protein bars are even suitable for vegans, and people who stay away from dairy and gluten.

While at the same time, taste is guaranteed. There are no artificial sweeteners used at all, however, it’s amazing how PureFit Chocolate Chip protein bars can taste just like Cookie Doughs at the same time. They’re offering a healthy variation that will give you that guilty feeling, however, there’s nothing to worry about.

Personally, I even prefer PureFit Chocolate Chip protein bars more than other standard candy bars. Even although these candy bars replicate the taste of standard candy bars, somehow, they do it even better. And knowing that you can eat as many PureFit Chocolate Chip protein bars as you want, without feeling guilty, just adds that great value.


  • The great taste which isn’t too sweet, but tastes just right
  • Suitable for vegans, and people who stay away from dairy and gluten
  • Awesome flavor
  • Price is reasonable
  • Offer many other tastes which are as good as this one


  • Don’t have too much protein
  • Are based on soy which might not be suitable for some people

Quest Nutrition Cookies & Cream Protein Bar

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Cookies & cream can ruin your diet plans, and can definitely distract you from achieving body goals, but guess what tastes deliciously and yet can help you with your goals? It’s a Quest Nutrition Cookies & Cream protein bar.

They’re maintaining a perfect nutritional integrity while they offer an amazing taste that no one can reject.  In one Quest Nutrition Cookies & Cream protein bar, you will be able to get 20 grams of pure protein. The amount of carbs is less than 7 grams per bar.

On top of that, every Quest Nutrition Cookies & Cream protein bar has an amazing 13 grams of fiber which is a made from dietary ingredients. It will help you slow down your digestion, make you feel full most of the time, and increase your metabolism which is great for weight loss goals.

The best thing about these protein bars is that they can be eaten just the way they are, cooked, or even baked to get them to be even more delicious. They definitely put no limits on your creativity.

They offer a pretty unique flavor that might become your favorite one if you decide to give it a try. Personally, I love how Quest Nutrition combined healthy ingredients with such an amazing flavor. I am pretty sure that I have also noticed real cookie crumbles in them as well.


  • Packed with a great amount of protein and fiber
  • Can be cooked or baked
  • Have only 190 calories
  • Real cookie chunks
  • Pretty well priced for the value they offer


  • There is corn fiber which might not be tasteful to some people

Supreme Peanut Butter Protein Butter Carb Conscious Bar

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If you’re not looking for any particular flavor, yet for a great tasting natural protein bar which will give you as much as protein as possible – Supreme Peanut Butter Protein Bar is a great choice.

They consist of 30 grams of pure protein per bar, and they’re carb conscious which means they have fewer carbs, and more fiber and proteins.

Supreme Peanut Butter Protein Bar is whey based yet they have a nice layered texture which offers a great taste.

While they taste just like peanut butter and chocolate, they also taste somehow like a caramel as well.

Nutrition wise, the content Supreme Peanut Butter Protein Bars offer are pretty good. As you could notice, the amount of protein is definitely higher than in an average protein bar, however, they still kept the great texture and amazing taste at the same time. That’s something I like the most about this protein bar.

It’s very suitable for people for people who work out, are trying to gain lean muscles, trying to get fit and get their body toned. It’s also suitable for people who are paying attention to their weight and nutrition.

It’s a guilt-free treat that anyone can take, anytime and anywhere they want without ruining any progress so far.

This protein bar might not have any special unique taste, but they definitely have a great amount of protein and a pretty good taste after all. It’s a protein bar for people who haven’t found their favorite protein bar yet.


  • The greatest amount of protein
  • Great flavor and crunchy texture
  • Low amount of sugar and carb
  • Zero trans fat
  • Tastes just like a candy bar


  • Are artificially flavored
  • Are a little bit pricey

Oatmega White Chocolate Raspberry Protein Bar

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Everyone who’s not into dark chocolate will definitely love this white chocolate protein bar.

Oatmega is made from white chocolate and features raspberry which gives this protein bar a nice sweet and delicious taste. There’s also a little throw in of organic almonds and even oats which are gluten-free.

Therefore, Oatmega White Chocolate Raspberry protein bar offers 14 grams of pure protein, 7 grams of fiber, and only about 5 grams of sugar. It can look like a bad protein to sugar ratio, however, there are a lot of useful omega 3s which help the situation.

These protein bars are suitable for everyone who wants to treat themselves with a unique taste that isn’t all about dark chocolate.

It’s worth to mention that Oatmega White Chocolate Raspberry protein bars are gluten-free, and are made with only non-GMO ingredients. Therefore, it’s even suitable for vegans and people who eat only kosher food.

I personally really like this protein bar, and I had to list it in this review because it is very different than other best-tasting protein bars on the market. Also, a mix of white chocolate, raspberries, and a little bit mix of almonds and oats is taking this protein bar to the next level.

I really love to eat this protein bar over the summer. Oatmega White Chocolate Raspberry protein bars can give you a refreshment and energy that you need.


  • Unique taste
  • Features white chocolate
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients are used
  • Offers a lot of value for the price
  • Great refreshment that you can take anytime and anywhere


  • It has a little bit more sugar than other protein bars which might not be great for some people

RX Bar Mint Chocolate Protein Bar

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If you came across RX protein bars before, you must have noticed their amazing taste before. However, not many people know that RX bars are made only from 100% real food, and they never contain any processed unnatural foods.

I really respect their process making, and the ability to get such an amazing taste while only using 100% natural food is definitely amazing. The way RX even describes their ingredients on such a small protein bar is really cool. Big thumbs up to that.

RX Bar Mint Chocolate Protein Bar is for everyone who loves mint chocolate. If not, I’d recommend you to don’t try it since it’s most likely you won’t be into it.

This protein bar features 12 grams of pure protein, which only comes from 6 to 8 different ingredients, and of course, they’re all 100% natural. So we can say that 12 grams of protein per bar is 100% natural since it comes from natural sources.

RX Bar Mint Chocolate Protein Bar is still able to satisfy you and your body during the day, and it will give you more energy when you’re on a go.

This bar tastes amazing for being 100% natural. Even the better thing I noticed is that there are no ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce which is fascinating.

If you aren’t into mint, you should give Apple Cinamon or Chocolate Sea Salt flavor a try. I personally haven’t tried those yet, but I am looking forward to!


  • Great amount and source of natural protein
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No processed ingredients or food
  • Suitable for any purpose
  • Unique chocolate mint taste
  • It’s well priced


  • The mint might be a little bit overpowering
  • Amount of sugar per bar isn’t mentioned

No Cow Lemon Meringue Protein Bar

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If you can’t eat dairy, you might have trouble looking for a protein bar that’s nutritious, yet at the same time tasteful.

No Cow Lemon Meringue Protein Bar is a protein bar that has the right nutrition profile for a no-dairy protein bar but still has a great taste.

Personally, this is the best non-dairy protein bar that I have ever tasted, and that’s just one of many reasons why I put it on this list.

Another reason would be the number of protein per bar, which is 22 grams. It’s an amazing number for a protein bar that has no food from cow, bull, or doesn’t consist any whey.

It’s also worth to mention that there is absolutely no sugar added. There is only 1 gram of sugar, which happen naturally during the process.

Since there is no dairy or whey included in this protein bar, it’s very suitable for vegans.

No Cow Lemon Meringue Protein Bar is non-GMO, gluten-free, nondairy, soy-free protein bars which are suitable for everyone who needs to avoid at least one of these ingredients.

It’s perfect for people who are into fitness, are vegans, are sensitive to gluten or dairy, and many others. They can be taken on a go, eat anywhere and anytime.

I find them to really boost my energy and make me feel full for a longer period of time. I’d highly recommend it as a snack in between the meals.

Oh, and did I mention the last yet not the least important reason I prefer this over any other protein bar out there? It’s the special unique lemon meringue taste!


  • Suitable for everyone
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, nondairy, soy-free, no sugar added
  • Suitable for vegans and people who are sensitive to soy, gluten, or sugar
  • Great & unique lemon meringue taste
  • Price is not that bad


  • This protein bar is a little bit chalky

How Did I Choose The Best Tasting Protein Bars?

Choosing protein bars

Photo from – Flickr – Robert Stinnett

You are probably wondering how did I come up with these 10 protein bars that taste so delicious?

Maybe you aren’t aware yet of their delicious taste, but I definitely am. I chose these protein bars after many years of eating protein bars and experience.

As a person who is always on some sort of diet plans, and is always looking for a chance to work out – protein bars became an important part of my life. I can even say that they improved my life.

So the main way I chose these protein bars is my experience and a lot of testing. Basically, eating different protein bars. But of course, I always kept comparing them.

The funny thing is that I have even started this website as a passion for protein bars, their comparison, and always seeking for better ones.

However, there are many other things I kept an eye on before eating every protein bar.

Here is the list of what I look in protein bars before testing them and writing a review:

  • Taste
  • Amount of protein
  • Type of protein
  • Other ingredients
  • Carbohydrates
  • GMO ingredients
  • Sugar
  • Sweeteners
  • Packaging
  • Cost

It might seem complicated, but after years of experience, it became a natural thing for me to do whenever I come across a protein bar. These are things that you should always look in protein bars too. These things also give us a way to compare the bars as well.


Taste is the most important thing. Would you eat the healthiest and the best protein bar if it tasted bad?

Maybe you would once or twice, but if you’re adding protein bars to your routine – I don’t think you would eat them. That’s why it’s always important to pay attention to taste before looking for other things.

Since there are many manufacturers who pay close attention to taste, it’s not hard to find protein bars that taste good. From my experience, I think it’s harder to find a protein bar that suits your needs well.

Protein Amount

Amount of protein is the second thing I look out for. Since we’re all looking for protein bars, it makes sense to look at the amount of protein, right?

Most protein bars have between 12-25 grams of protein in each bar. That’s really good, and I wouldn’t settle down for any bar that has less than 12 grams of protein per bar.

By paying attention to your needs, you will be able to easily settle down on the right amount of protein for your body.

Protein Type

Type of protein definitely matters. The best type of protein that I know of is a natural protein that comes from natural food, instead of processed food.

A great protein bar as an example of natural protein type is RX Bar Mint Chocolate Protein Bar. While, most of the manufacturers use whey protein, which isn’t that bad either. In some cases, you might prefer the natural type of protein more and that’s why I’m looking at the type of protein as well.

It also shows us how natural is the protein bar.

Other ingredients

Other ingredients that I look out for are mostly minerals and vitamins. Some of the best protein bars that I have come across know to be full of vitamins or minerals such as Omega 3s.

They can be a great addition along with the proteins for your body. If you’re definitely paying attention to your diet, and are working on your health and body – consider getting protein bars that are as natural as possible. It’s most likely they will feature ingredients such as healthy minerals and vitamins.

Me personally, natural ingredients added in protein bars helped me in a long run during my weight loss process.


Carbohydrates are used for the energy, but too many carbohydrates aren’t healthy.

I always check out how many carbohydrates are there in each protein bar, and what type of carbohydrates are they. I am also always paying attention to how effective is the amount of carbohydrates in each protein bar and does it go well with the purpose of the protein bar.

It might not be so important for other people, but when I am choosing top protein bars, even the smallest details make big differences.


GMO ingredients aren’t good for everyone. Unfortunately, lately, there are a lot of Soya bean crops that are  GMO produced.

While it might be okay for some people to eat GMO food, other people strictly stay away from it. Therefore, I always consider GMO ingredients to be an important part when choosing the top protein bars, even when I’m mostly paying attention to the taste only.

GMO ingredients are more of a personal matter, however, I include both GMO and GMO-free protein bars.


Sugar is useful since it is the ingredient which helps with carbohydrates to give you the energy rush necessary, in combination with protein.

However, too much sugar just isn’t healthy. Artificial sweeteners and artificial sugar are even less healthy. Therefore, I always check for the sugar and compare it to the amount of protein and fiber in every protein bar. That way, you will be able to estimate whether there is too much sugar or less sugar.

Protein bars like Grenade Carb Killa Caramel Chaos Protein Bar have only 1 gram of sugar, which is a natural sugar that happens during the process. It’s the best thing you can find.


Sweeteners have many divided opinions.

While some people think that artificial sweeteners are okay to be used in foods, other people are strictly against it. Me personally, I am strictly against artificial sweeteners because they aren’t natural, and they are as bad as large amounts of sugar. However, sometimes they’re unavoidable.

Therefore, you can still find some of the best protein bars using artificial sweeteners. It’s also a personal matter just like GMO ingredients.


Packaging is something that either attracts or rejects many customers.

For me, I don’t only check the design and usability, but also what information is shown on the packaging. The best protein bars will always have written a clear amount of protein, fiber, sugar, and other ingredients they use.

For example, RX Bar Mint Chocolate Protein Bar has all ingredients listed on the front with a very clear and large font. It makes it easy for the customers to compare and decide.


Cost is definitely the biggest concern for some people.

At least, it was a concern for me when I started adding protein bars to my routine. If you’re planning on adding protein bars to your routine, price definitely matters. While there can be expensive protein bars, I’d always recommend you to buy protein bars in complete packaging to get yourself the best deal possible.

Buying a few packages is also easier to get shipped, and you will be good for at least a month. While protein bars are useful and healthy, you still don’t want to break your budget. But I wouldn’t recommend you to settle for less attractive protein bars either.

Important Facts About Protein

Meat protein

Photo from – Flickr – Stephen O

I came across many people who eat protein bars regularly, yet don’t know much about protein and their importance for our body.

Calculating proteins and knowing how many proteins your body needs per day is tricky, and it’s not really necessary. However, the concept is really useful to understand.

For example, on average, your body should get at least 0.8 grams of protein per day for each kilogram of our body weight. People who do high activity workouts and exercises such as running, or working out in the gym should take somewhere from 1.2 to 1.6 grams per kilogram of their body weight every day.

Proteins definitely help after a hard exercise or workout to reorganize our muscles and regenerate them. You can think of proteins like a food for muscles. Just like our food, muscles need their food at certain times. For example, it’s proven to give your muscles their necessary food (proteins) usually half an hour after the exercise. The reason for that is simple. Your muscles will be ready for their food then.

Therefore, it’s easy to say that protein bars can be eaten in perfect timings as well. Protein bars are very useful as pre or post food for people who work out or are involved in things that require high activity.

How Are Protein Bars Useful To Our Body?

Protein bar

Photo from – Flickr – Bethography

Whenever you do any kind of activities, especially high activity people, protein is necessary to build and repair tissue related to muscles.

Even if you aren’t working out, eating protein bars is very smart, and you might be wondering why. There are many reasons, and great meal replacement, low sugar, high protein, and only healthy ingredients are just some of them.

So don’t think that protein bars are necessary only for people who work out. They’re as useful for people who are strictly following their diet plans, trying to lose weight, and get fit. For example, in this post, you can find the best tasting protein bars which are 100% healthy, yet they taste amazing. It’s a great guilt-free and healthy treat for people who work out.

Protein is useful for producing hormones, enzymes, and various body chemistry.

But what would happen if you don’t consume proteins at all? Eventually, your body would start having different problems.

On the good side, your body doesn’t require a lot of protein. And whenever you eat more protein per day than you need, it’s a good thing for your body. But don’t think that you should eat as much protein as possible.

If you eat too much protein bar, it can actually be bad for your body as well.

While animal meat is one of the major sources of protein, there are many other sources you shouldn’t forget. What do you think, how do vegetarians get their protein? Vegiterians mostly eat soya beans which is a great source of protein as well. However, sometimes, soya beans is GMO produced, but that’s another story to tell. You should just be careful of what you eat as your protein source. And definitely, never make all your three meals to be meat.

Protein bars are another great source of protein, other than the meat of course. Protein bars usually have between 12 and 25 grams of protein per bar. Therefore, you don’t need to limit yourself to only one protein bar per day. You can eat two or even three per day.

But never use protein bars as the main protein source for your body. Always consider protein bars to be a great addition to your main protein source and meals. Never the replacement.

How to Know How Much Protein Does Your Body Need?

As said before, calculating can be complicating and hard task to do, so you can just forget about it.

I will show you the easier technique and an easier way I used, and still use. I’ve been working for many years now on my weight, and I have a few tricks up my sleeves.

Before showing you an easy way to determine how much protein does your body need, I just want to say something.

People who are working out, working on building lean muscle mass and muscles, and are trying to get fit shouldn’t think that more protein will help them get better muscles.

In fact, eating the right amount of protein and challenging your muscles the right way will give you a better muscle growth than getting more proteins than necessary.

So here is the advice:

  • For young children, two meals per day are enough. Around 5 ounces of protein is a good average per day. If you would give your children protein bars, I wouldn’t suggest giving them more than one protein bar a day.
  • Men and younger teenagers will be good with 7 ounces of protein per day. Of course, with three meals a day.
  • Women are good with 5 ounces of protein per day with only two protein-consisting meals.
  • Elderly people are also good with 5 ounces of protein per day with two protein-consisting meals.
  • Women who are very active, 6 ounces per day with two protein-consisting meals is suitable.

This way, you don’t need to calculate the amount of protein you need to get on a daily basis. Yet, it will also be easier to determine how many protein bars per day can you have.

How Many Protein Bars Per Day Can You Take?

Eating protein bar

Photo from – Flickr – Max Souffriau

This question is a very common question that I get asked.

The answer depends on a few things, however, it’s relatively easy to understand. Here are some things you should understand before deciding how many protein bars will you have per day.

  1. Amount of protein in a protein bar
  2. Type of protein in a protein bar
  3. Gender & age
  4. How active are you

If you have followed everything in this guide, it would be easy to understand how to determine how many proteins and what type of proteins are there.

Also, you will understand why does the gender, age, and the activity matter. It will all determine how much protein do you need per body.

Therefore, it will be an easy decision on how many protein bars would be smart to eat per day.

If you would only like to guess, I’d recommend everyone to eat 1 or 2, and in some cases max 3 protein bars per day. That will give you enough of the protein, fiber, carbs, and sugar to supplement your body with necessary ingredients and energy.

At the same time, it won’t be the main source of your protein. In other words, you will still use protein bars as an addition to your meals.



Photo from – Flickr – airpix

Since I get a lot of questions related to protein bars, I will answer some of the most common ones here, in case you need a few answers right away.

Are Protein Bars Suitable For Children?

As mentioned before, protein bars can be eaten by children, yes. But you will have to pay attention to the number of protein bars they eat.

Children need less protein based meals, so they will also require less protein bars which are full of pure protein.

Should Protein Bars Be Used On Regular Basis?

Protein bars are best when they’re used on regular basis with a clear goal in your mind.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat protein bars on a busy day, in between the meals, or when you need that extra boost of energy.

They’re suitable for both occasions, and it’s up to you to decide whether will you eat protein bars regularly or not.

Can Protein Bars Be Used For Skipping Regular Protein Meals?

In theory, the answer would be yes. However, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do it on regular basis.

If you are going on a busy day, and you just can’t have a proper protein meal – then sure, a protein bar can help you out. However, if you are thinking of skipping regular protein meals with a mindset that protein bar is as good – I wouldn’t recommend that.

Remember, protein bars are a great addition to your existing meals. You should consider them that way.

It can be tempting, but it’s never a smart choice.


If you had bad previous experiences with protein bars, it’s time to end your bad luck streak.

I’ve personally tried these protein bars from the list above, and I can guarantee you personally that no matter which protein bar you go for – you will be far from disappointed.

Simply choose the protein bar that will suit you the best, and don’t hesitate to go for a full package, instead of one bar for the first time.

I haven’t only posted 10 best tasting protein bars, but also protein bars that are very different, yet have one similar thing which is taste.

What’s your best tasting protein bar you’ve ever had?

Let me know in the comments below, and let’s discuss!

Credit Photo by: Robert Stinnett

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