Best Protein Bars for Bulking (Gaining Lean Weight & Muscles)

Protein bars can be used by active sportsmen or exercise enthusiasts for muscle building.

Protein bars are targeted by a group of people who primarily want a convenient source of protein that doesn’t need preparation.  The primary role of a protein bar is that they regenerate damaged muscles, give you nutrition that your body needs.

Nowadays it’s a big problem choosing what’s better when it comes to protein bars. If you are consuming more then 1-2 bars on the day the big question is, is it better to buy in bulk or to make homemade protein bars?

Is Gaining Weight with Help of Protein Bars Healthy?

When you aren’t satisfied with your weight and you want to quickly add some weight, there are different ways to gain weight. How can a protein bar add weight?

Well, a protein bar isn’t only made out of protein. It also has carbs and healthy fat. One of the ways by using protein bars. If you are forced to eat on-the-go, you can always buy a protein bar. It has 280 calories which is the same as a turkey sandwich.

Now based on the fact that if you consume more calories in a day than you burn, you can see how can protein bar add weight.

If you don’t burn all the calories that protein bar gives you, it converts into fat that can be stored and used for extra energy during workouts.

Best Protein Bars for Bulking

MusclePharm Combat Crunch

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Protein bar for gaining weight and can be found on Amazon is MusclePharm Combat Crunch.

MusclePharm’s Combat Crunch protein bar is a multi-layered chocolate peanut butter cup bar that delivers balanced nutrition. Box of protein bars contains 12 gluten-free bars and each bar has 20g of protein, 28g of total carb and 7g of sugar.

MusclePharm Combat Crunch protein bar has butternut for the main ingredient which is known as a good ingredient for people who are in the bulking phase. It doesn’t contain GMO and the product is tested for banned substances and it’s 100% healthy.

All MusclePharm products are backed by a 30-day full money-back guarantee so in case you don’t like the taste or texture, you have nothing to worry about. Rating of this protein bar is approximately 4 stars which is far better than most protein bars on the market right now. MusclePharm’s Combat Crunch Protein Bar is a multi-layered chocolate peanut butter cup bar that delivers balanced nutrition.

Premier Protein Nutrition Bar

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Premier Protein Nutrition bar is a really good choice if you want to gain weight in a healthy way yet in a reasonable time.

You can choose how much protein bars you want in your pack (from 5 to 15), and the price varies considering the number of protein bars. However, I find it is really not that expensive.

If you daily consume few protein bars this is actually a really affordable solution to gain weight in a healthy way. Flavors of this weight gaining protein bars are really good and offer plenty of options for you to chose!

Some of them are dark chocolate, salted caramel, yogurt peanut, double chocolate crunch, and many others. These are just a few of the choices that you can choose for gaining extra weight in a short period of time. This protein bar contains a high portion of protein and healthy calories.

“A real treat… and are very filling!”

Rise The Simplest Protein Bar

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This protein bar is very belowed by people who work out and are in the phase of bulking process.

The pack of 12 protein bars and the price is really reasonable. There are 3 flavors that you can choose from, and some of them are almond honey, cacao banana, chocolatey almond, any many others.

The highest share of the protein has Almonds honey protein bar because it contains tree nuts and milk, ensuring the cleanest bulk. Rise The Simplest protein bars are really good for gaining extra weight because they offer a large portion of fat and carbs.

It’s not that pricey, especially for something that can really help you get weight and look better. I prefer Cacao Banana flavor because it has ingredients that I like – banana, chocolate, nuts and a few other. This protein bars can be eaten pre-workout to gain a boost of energy, post workout performance recovery, or as an afternoon snack. Can be used even as a meal replacement if you are on go.

Amrita Protein – Paleo High Protein Variety Pack

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This is a pack of protein bars that feature different flavors and taste. In this packet, there are 7 different taste of protein bars, and the best thing is they’re all suitable for lean weight gaining.

The pack consists of 12 protein bars it very reasonably priced. This packet of these protein bars offers really good nutrition and a really great set for gaining extra weight. Flavors are date paste, chia seeds, brown rice, pineapple, coconut, dried fruit. My favorite is coconut because it has the strongest taste of all listed flavors.

These bars are different from others because these bars come without sugar adds. Also, it suitable for vegans. This is great for someone who doesn’t eat meat or any product that is not given by mother earth. I think anyone should try it because it’s really tasty.

Quest Nutrition Cookies & Cream Protein Bar

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Quest Nutrition Cookies & Cream Protein Bar is a different type of protein bar.

This protein bar consists of cookie and cream which is basically an Oreo cookie.  This has a lower percentage of protein but it has more share of healthy fats which are equally important.

This is a pack of 12 protein bars, but there’s also an option to buy a larger pack of 18 protein bars, which is a far better long-term option.

This is a really tasty protein bar and I think it is one of the best from this list of protein bars for getting weight, considering the taste. Ingredients of this protein bar are chocolate white and black. I think everyone who needs to gain weight and wants to try protein bars, should try this protein bar.


At the end of this topic, we can say that it is possible to gain weight by using protein bars. But I’d suggest you use a few protein bars per day.

This method isn’t that expensive and it’s really accessible to everyone. A simple way to gain weight is to eat more calories than you burn while exercising.

Anyone who works out and needs to gain weight should try to use this technique, because after a great & lean cut if you’d like to build more muscles – gaining lean weight and working out is one of the best ways.

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