Are Pure Protein Bars Good For You?

Are you looking for a protein source to help you get the necessary amount of protein your body needs on a daily basis? Here's everything about pure protein bars

One of the most common questions I get is are pure protein bars good for you and your health?

In case you didn’t know, pure protein bars are considered to be the protein bars which are packed with protein, yet have the lowest amount of sugar, calories, and carbs.

They’re basically a pure whey protein that is suitable for athletes, or people who are trying to stay lean, can’t get enough of protein through real food or simply want to get even more protein to help them throughout the day.

I used to have the same questions and I know how it feels. It can be annoying not to know exactly what’s healthy and what’s not healthy for you.

That’s why in today’s post, I will explain the pure protein bars and their role in our digestive system and our life. So stay tuned as I believe you will learn a lot of new information you haven’t known before.

You will also be able to filter out all misconceptions and find out what’s really good for your body.

Protein’s Role in Our Body

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Protein is one of the most important components of our body. Needless to say, protein is considered to be the true power of our body.

Its benefits help us throughout our lives in ways we can’t even imagine. Did you know that hair and nails are made out of protein?

But protein is even bigger than that. It’s essential for the building block of bones, muscles, skin, blood, and even hormones and other body chemicals.

Protein is also known as a macronutrient along with the carbs and fat which means that our body needs a relatively good amount of it.

The only thing is that our body doesn’t store protein unlike fat, and that’s why we need to refill our body with protein.

If you are thinking that solution is to eat as many proteins as you can in a day, you’re wrong. Eating too much or too low amount of protein can be bad for our body. Therefore, getting a decent amount of protein is the key.

How are Pure Protein Bars Helpful?

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Pure protein bars are helpful for many reasons.

One of them is the great amount of protein you can get from a single protein bar. They have a low amount of calories, carbs, and sugar, yet they have a high amount of protein.

Athletes and people who are paying attention to their diet and hit the gym or they exercise regularly will benefit the most from pure protein bars. Pure protein bars help active people to gain just a bit more protein in case they can’t achieve the necessary daily amount of protein their body needs through real food.

Protein is always a protein, no matter the way you digest it. Therefore, protein from a protein bar will still have the same effect in recovering muscles after workout, help and prevent sore muscles, and many other benefits mentioned before.

They’re a really quick but also one of the easiest ways to get protein, after meat, of course. However, pure protein bars shouldn’t be abused.

When I say abuse, I mean ignore getting the protein from real foods and only digest protein through protein bars. You still need a good amount of protein that comes from meat and other foods. Pure protein bars should be only considered as a help on the side.

So Should You Eat Pure Protein Bars or Not?

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We’re getting closer to the end, however, I can still feel people might be asking are pure protein bars good for you.

Considering everything said in this article so far, pure protein bars are definitely a good thing, as long as they’re used wisely.

And that’s exactly what I recommend to everyone. I believe you should eat pure protein bars if you know that there’s a reason behind it.

If you have no goal or reason to eat pure protein bars, you can definitely stick to any other protein bar.

From what I’ve seen so far, pure protein bars are mostly used by athletes and people who train in the gym, work on their body and have a goal to get leaner.

They definitely have a need to replenish their body with protein, and they even might get a bit more protein than a regular person would need because they’re constantly staying active.

As said before, pure protein bars are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get protein and they’re a perfect addition to regular meals.

I don’t see why anyone shouldn’t eat pure protein bars. They’re just like any other protein bar, yet they focus on delivering as much protein as possible.

Who Should Stay Away From Pure Protein Bars?

While I don’t see a reason why someone shouldn’t eat a pure protein bar on a regular basis, there are few exceptions, of course.

For example, someone who already is getting enough of protein through his regular meals, but isn’t tracking his macros, might want to think twice before getting a pure protein bar.

If you don’t know how much protein are you getting from your food on a daily basis, eating a pure protein bar thinking you need it might not be the most ideal situation.

Therefore, try to get an approximate number of proteins you get from your food, and then see whether you will benefit from a pure protein bar or not.

Other than that, pure protein bar might not be the best protein bar for everyone. People are different and we all have different needs. So before jumping in and hooking up yourself with pure protein bars, check if it is the best protein bar for yourself, or whether your body would benefit from a different protein bar.

The best way to know how much protein are you getting on a daily basis is to track your macros through an app such as


Sometimes, getting the necessary amount of protein can be a hard thing to do for people who have their schedules pretty packed.

Pure protein bars have been on the market for a while and they’ve been used by people. There are no side effects at all, but pure protein bars might not be the best fit for everyone.

Therefore, check whether you will benefit from pure protein bars and whether you really need them before jumping the ships.

Of course, you can also combine pure protein bars with other types of protein bars. As long as everything is within the reasonable numbers of macros.

I hope this post was helpful to you and that it gave you an answer to whether pure protein bars are good for you and your body.

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