Are CLIF Bars Good for You?

Have you heard the name of CLIF bar? Great. I am pretty sure your sight could not really miss one thing. All the advertisements are identifying it as organic, healthy etc. Are you trying to discover the root factor? In this post, find everything about CLIF bar nutrition.

There are some of you thinking, are CLIF bars vegan? Can it be a healthy choice for me? Is it a meal replacement? Don’t worry at all. You are in the right place. I have some deep and specific analysis here to show you the true picture.

What is a CLIF bar?

It is to be exact an energy bar, which provides you a rapid boost up. Organic ingredients are used and I must recognize it as the fundamental factor to attract you.

The CLIF Bar & Company processes and packages it to deliver you these energy bars. Presently you can find almost 19 types of bars in the market having a distinct taste and to some extent the different combination of ingredients.

How does CLIF bar taste? Of course, you can find extreme variations from bitter to top-ranked tasty bars. Are you really choosy on tasty bars? Try Chocolate brownie, Chocolate Almond Fudge and so on.

However, you can be amongst them, who are quite conscious of the regular diet and have a sensible choice for a proper and healthy meal. There is something to discuss for you as well.

Are CLIF Bars a Healthy Choice?

When it comes to the matter of food, or something related to our regular nutrition, it is not appropriate to stick on a direct statement. Of course, there must be pros and cons. What do you say? Let’s find out some key points.


  • Get a real quick energy boost up, specially chosen by athletes
  • Mostly organic ingredients are used as they advertise
  • Find a combination of Sodium, Potassium, and Insoluble Fibers etc.
  • Effective when you have less time to eat throughout the day.


  • Sugar rate in each bar is pretty high
  • Preservatives are used making it a processed food
  • At least 20g of carbs are used. Much higher for a single bar
  • Some ingredients may create digest issues
  • Full of Lectins can be toxic for your body

It is true that they are using organic ingredients. One of the most common ingredients used in CLIF bars is Brown Rice Syrup. It’s got a very attractive name, right?

However, Brown Rice Syrup is something not healthy for sure. There’s no nutritious value of it. It just helps to make this bar sweeter. Yet, if you enjoy bars with a higher amount of sugar, having a compact package, CLIF bars can be amongst your choice.

Are CLIF Bars Vegan-Friendly?

Here I am going to a straight answer, Yes they are! There are some CLIF bars variations using dairy products as their ingredients. That does not mean animal flesh is provided to eat.

If you set a distinct definition where milk, whey, and such products kick out a specific food from your list, then you should not go for some specific bars. Do you like milk? Then go for Blueberry Almond Butter or Chocolate Cherry.

Are Clif Bars Gluten-Free?

I have got an important suggestion for you. Don’t go with the flow that gluten is unhealthy for people. It is just a protein usually found in grains. Wheat, rye, and barley contain gluten.

There is a tiny amount of people who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. If you don’t have these problems, then don’t bother for a gluten-free diet. Extra consciousness is not needed for gluten, even if it remains in a particular food.

Yet, if you can be infected by taking gluten, then you must take it seriously. And in that case, you have to avoid CLIF Energy Bars. As a substitute for this, you can choose Luna Bars prepared by the same manufacturer. Yes, Luna bars use gluten-free oats to take care of this fact.

Are CLIF Bars a Good Meal Replacement?

Are you aware of your physical fitness? I would suggest you not to take CLIF Bars as your regular meal replacement. Trying to find out the facts? Let me remind you of some issues:

  • Much sugar, around 20g each bar
  • The high amount of calories with less protein
  • Saturated fat almost like a candy bar
  • Imperfect combination of needed nutrients

These are the reasons you should not take CLIF Bars as a good meal replacement. However, it is fine to take some tasty bars occasionally, right?

Are CLIF Bars Good for Weight-loss?

Do you know the whole story of the weight-loss procedure?

  1. You need to take fewer calories than before.
  2. Avoid foods having more carbs and fat.
  3. Always continue to intake all the nutrients a normal body needs.

Now let’s find out how much you can do by consuming CLIF Bars. Of course, you can control everyday calorie intake. Avoiding carbs and fat with these energy bars? Capital N and Capital O, NO! Do CLIF Bars cover all the nutrients you need? Shout it Again, Capital N and Capital O, NO!

I suggest you not to take CLIF Bars regularly as a regular diet to lose body weight. Concentrate on the fact, “Do not take it regularly”. What does it mean? Finish off these energy bars once in a while. Exactly what is the appropriate time and place to eat CLIF Bars?

When to Eat CLIF Bars?

  • Done with Hiking? Get One
  • Finished 100 Meter Run? Yes, CLIF Bars are your choice
  • One Hour of Swimming Done? The energy bar is the best choice
  • Just completed a bike ride? Take any one of the CLIF Bars

What are these indicating? If you are physically active and just finished a sport or other activities, CLIF Bars can provide you with instant calories your body needs. Do you remember I mentioned rapid boost up at the beginning? That is actually called a rapid boost up.

CLIF Bar Nutrition Facts

At the ending of a detailed analysis of CLIF Bars, I just want to let you know what actually contain in different CLIF Bars.

Protein 10g
Fat 5g
Carbs 44g
Fiber 5g
Sugar 20g
Calories 250

Here you can get the general idea of all these CLIF energy bars. Most importantly they are using organic ingredients to serve you. I have specifically mentioned all the pros and cons. Now, it is the right time for you. Yes, if you have not yet, you decide when you are giving it a try!

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